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Ken Ring – long range weather forecasting using the moon.

Ken Ring is a New Zealand based gentleman who uses moon cycles to read and predict weather. He shares optimum times for fishing, gardening and techniques to predict geoseismic activities,  His work considers the gravitational forces of the moon, the moon phases, the speed of the moon as well as the history of astronomy and astrology. He can be controversial to the mainstream scientific fraternity because he integrates the philosophy of the history of the skies, that is astrology,  and animistic cultural considerations into the broader scientific picture of earth weather cycle forecasting.

He publishes long range weather forecasts and is uncannily accurate in predicting earthquakes.

He has a free e-book on his website which is provides an in-depth explanation of how the moon and it’s phases and speed can be used to predict weather http://www.predictweather.co.nz/

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