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new moon horoscope March to April 2012

Sun in Aries 20 March to 20 April 

New moon Friday 23 March 1.37am Sydney, Australia                                                2 degrees 22 minutes Aries

Horoscopes run from the period when the Sun enters a sign. During this forecast period the Sun is in Aries, and this horoscope is all about the new moon. Click to continue reading and scroll down to read your Sun sign. You might also like to read your Moon sign and Ascendent sign if you know them.

Happy Birthday Aries.The Sun heads into your sign on 20 March, and is closely followed by a new moon early in your sign in the very early hours of Friday morning (Sydney Australia time). Heaps of energy is available to you to launch new initiatives. While this va va voom energy is available to everyone, people born in the first 10 days of Aries should feel it the most. The new moon falls particularly close to beautiful nutty Uranus so expect surprises. As Saturn is methodically going over the final bits and pieces of his stay in your opposite sign Libra, people born towards the end of Aries might be experiencing the final slow unravelling or rebuilding of drawn out partnership issues.


With Venus spending the next couple of weeks from the start of this forecast period in Taurus, having just snogged Jupiter a few days ago, you might still be glowing a bit. By all means continue to enjoy the planet of love traveling through your sign (note this can be self love, just as much as love for another). Remember amidst the fun however that this is the month before your personal birthday period and the Sun is traversing your solar 12th house. This is an excellent time to reflect on the year past and to contemplate deeply what you will value and manifest for the next year of your life.


This months new moon in Aries is friendly to your sign, as is the months Sun in Aries, so some easy energy is available for you to use to network, make contacts with people and formulate goals for the good of all. Be open to the unexpected in these areas, thanks to the new moon falling close to Uranus. Mercury is also retrograde in Aries so busy, busy mind but things might not become clear for a couple of weeks yet.. Next month might be more about contemplation and reflection, so make the most of the opportunities which draw you out into new ideas, groups and contacts. The South node is in your sign for another couple of months, bringing urges, and opportunities to work through and understand deep issues and connections from your past.


This could be an interesting month for your worldly goals Cancer. The new moon energy falls in your solar 10th house, meaning that work or being in the world generally might create some friction for those near and dear. Conversely, that tricky project you wish to pull off might come about now. Pluto in your opposite sign is demanding deep transformation especially for those born on the June/July cusp. You are being sent visionary opportunities to draw inspiration  and healing from Neptune and Chiron in Pisces. This is particularly so for Cancerians born early in the sign – it’s a long term trend so be gentle with your feelings and journey, they are magical.


You will likely have a lovely burst of creativity, energy for travel, desire to learn and connect with people thanks to the Sun in Aries this month Leo. Add the new moon in Aries and truly you have terrific opportunities to take your sexy personal magnetism out into the wider world. With Mercury also in Aries you might find your mind is in overdrive with fabulous ideas but they won’t be able to be fully defined or acted upon for a couple of weeks yet. Write them down, or start a blog, or something so you remember later.


Deep, deep deep Virgo. Deep thoughts, deep insights and deep healing might be available in this moon cycle. Add to this Mars retrograde in your sign and you are in a period of slow regeneration. You might think a lot about birth, sex, death, bonding and intimacy and you might be seriously contemplating some of these on a very deep level. It’s not all seriousness though – Jupiter, or Santa Claus as I like to refer to him sometimes, is sending lovely beams to your sign. By all means party, you probably need to balance the seriousness of life stuff going on, just don’t get too carried away with the wine in order to avoid any of the full on issues.


The Sun, and new moon in your solar opposite sign of Aries could herald new starts with other people. Let’s not get carried away and promise you’ll meet your soulmate, but it’s a time which bodes well for relationships and partnership matters. Just enjoy things for what they are presently, as later in the year things will become much more concrete. Saturn remains in your sign until October, so perhaps you are starting to reap the benefits of hard work over the last couple of years, or come out of the other side of a repressive period and see how much you’ve learnt and grown. Enjoy yourself.


With Jupiter in your opposite sign of Taurus, general situations involving partnerships and people might be going well. Be nice to them and honour your good fortune. If you really do not see good fortune coming from the “other” start to look for it, for you are in a benevolent weather period for relationships astrologically speaking. The new moon in Aries might provide and injection of energy to your daily work, routines and opportunities to improve health matters.


The new moon in Aries might bode well for joy, creativity and perhaps even a bit of romance. Expect some twists and turns and feelings of uncertainty – in fact try to enjoy them. Remember to be romantic with yourself or others as well. Remember to receive joy, you need to put energy into creating joy. The north node has 7 more degrees of your sign to travel before it hits Scorpio, so truly look for ways to define who you are and what path you wish to take in the world. With Chiron and Neptune providing lessons about healing and facing the dark, you have a unique opportunity to choose how you will live your journey.


Family or home matters might be highlighted by the new moon in Aries this month Capricorn, as it falls in your solar 4th house. Jupiter is sending lovely beams which might bring you happiness, romance or even a child – this energy is active for several months yet so enjoy.  There may be a longer term transformational energy is at play thanks to Pluto in your sign. This energy particularly applies to those born 29 Dec to 3 January. Opportunities for regeneration.


It a great month for getaways, weekends away, driving places and communicating with people around you Aquarius. A great month for making new friends, With the new moon falling close to Uranus, and Mercury retrograde, don;t be too attached to keeping your plans to the letter. The plus side of this is that you may stumble across some fascinating bits and pieces and people in your travels. Enjoy and don’t stress out too much if the car temporarily breaks down.


What do you value Pisces? The new moon falls in your solar second house and provides energy to get serious about making money, or get on top of finances, or at least put a plan in place to deal with them. It also provides supportive energy for you to consider how you can honour yourself more. There could be some interesting surprises in these areas and  career matters might come  into focus later in this forecast period. You have soulful Neptune just into your sign so have entered a long period of coming back home – a home connected to the collective. Chiron in Pisces is bringing opportunities to wisdom in healing and this is also a log term trend.

Disclaimer: As a general rule I don’t hold too much hope that sun-sign horoscopes are up to much on a personal prediction level. Nevertheless, people keep asking me to write them, and they can provide some general points to ponder. Of course, these are for entertainment purposes only.

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