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sky thought 20 March the moon, her phase, reflection and healing

Moon just into Pisces, Sun about to leave Pisces….in a couple of days we have a new moon in Aries Friday, 23 March 2012 at 1:37 AM in Sydney Australia. The new moon is at 2 degrees and 22 minutes of Aries.

The days before the moon reaches the Sun to create a new moon, is when the moon is in it’s waning crescent phase, also called a balsalmic moon. It’s when the moon is at it’s darkest in the skies. usually this is an good time to shed things, reflect and contemplate an action plan for the time of the new moon, when a spark of energy is ready to grow with us as the moon grows to full power over the coming weeks.

Today could be seen to be particularly special, because both the Sun and Moon are in deep, soulful reflective Pisces. If there is darkness or sadness, we have an opportunity to use the Pisces energy to go deeply into ourselves and open up to healing. Furthering this theme, around midnight in Sydney Australia, the moon will conjunct or line up with asteroid Chiron, the wounded healer. Go deep.

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