Tuesday Astrology

surfing on through the skies

A lovely reflection on Venus and Jupiter

Blazing Light, Love's Song

Undoubtedly, you’ve noticed the two planets of light in the western sky in the evening. Jupiter and Venus have been dazzling us for more than a month now. Esoteric astrology holds that these two are planets of the soul, symbolized by their beautiful light. They are the gift givers of astrology, and certainly their nightly duet has been a treasure.

Jupiter and Venus represent that which is best in us, that which shines, gives, renews the best in others, and supports the highest in ourself and humanity. Venus refines, is a planet of beauty, harmony, and the natural instinct for that which is of value. When speaking about this from the soul’s point of view, value is not the bargain basement kind. Instead, it is worthiness, respect, and the value of all of creation. To Venus, nothing is expendable. Venus’ harmony is the deep rooted understanding of the interconnectedness…

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