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full moon horoscope 7 April

Sun in Aries 20 March to 20 April

Full Moon on Saturday 7th April at 5.17am at 17 Libra

The full moon takes place in the early morning of Saturday April 7 (in Sydney Australia) at 17 degrees of Libra. This full moon has what I would call a tremendous amount of energy feeding into it, with a wide square to Pluto and wide conjunction to Saturn.  Mars, which will move direct in about a week is opposite Neptune and Chiron giving us a sense that while we have waited and waited for some things to become clear, start to heal, resolve or happen, we need to wait just a little longer. Areas highlighted by the full moon in your chart may present tense moments or situations or alternatively transformative events. A sense of rebirth is possible,. Sometimes there can be a sense of impatience, frustration or a feeling of being thwarted with this sort of line up in the sky, however there can also be a sense of facing reality which can be an excellent thing.


The full moon falls in your solar opposite sign of Libra, spotlighting partners, people you haven’t been getting along with and generally the reception you receive from others. Venus is friendly to your sign adding support to any issues which might arise, and in about a week Mercury will head back into your sign offering all sorts of help communicating with others and being heard. Add to this, the fact Mars your ruling planet is about to go direct and there’s more forward acting energy heading your way than there has been in quite a while.


Areas highlighted by this full moon Taurus include your work, general health and wellbeing, your pets and to some extent your approach to healing on all levels. Jupiter in your sign connected positively to powerful Pluto which could give travel plans a push in a big way. Jupiter is also making a bit of magic with Neptune currently – all in all it could be an inspirational time, but do watch your general constitution is in balance as much as possible.Gemini

The full moon falls in your 5th house of joy, creativity, kids and romance Gemini. While some issues might emerge in these areas thanks to a bit of pressure from Pluto and Saturn, do not let go of your joy. It’s always important to romance yourself, and with Venus in your sign (for a mega long time unusually) you should be able to manifest quite a bit of joy in the coming months. Meetings of all types are important this few weeks.


Ah the moon, your ruling sign Cancer. This rather action packed one falls in your solar 4th house, bringing to the fore matters to do with your deepest self, where you come from and your home life. Some Cancerians will be facing a physical move, others will be shifting their perceptions quite permanently around family and its meaning. As noted in the introduction there is a sense of having to wait just a little bit longer for things to change, so use the next week or so to make a list of your desires.


If you experience rocky or unclear communication or feel like you have been sent to the naughty chair by neighbours, siblings (or anyone else really) Leo, things will become much clearer in a couple of days time. Just don’t take things too personally. The edgy full moon falls in your solar 3rd house, usually friendly to your sign, but this full moon in Air fanning your fiery nature could have you wondering how on earth things have unfolded or why you feel so passionate about communicating your ideas to people who may not seem to be listening. You ARE all heart Leo and any bewilderment at others behaviour will dissipate shortly and you will feel rightly loved again very very soon.


Dear Virgo, if your self worth has seemed a bit hard to hang on to, or your financial state, despite your careful planning has you feel frustrated, please bear in mind that this full moon is highlighting these areas, and should give you a sign of some light at the end of any tunnels you may have experienced as dark. You have had mars in your sign for several months just about sleeping (in retrograde motion) and on Friday the energetic warrior moves direct. Very shortly there will be action on many fronts.


The full moon in your sign Libra heralds an opportunity to evaluate your core being on a deep level. Pluto in Capricorn is insisting that you take opportunities to transform yourself and to be a catalyst for others to transform as well. Your ruling planet Venus has entered Gemini for an extended period of time, so you have opportunities in the coming months to take flight literally or metaphorically. Any travel plans will unfold sweetly, as might a holiday romance. Remember Saturn is still in your sign restructuring your life, so hang in and enjoy any longer term building processes.


It’s always a deep time when there is a full moon in your solar 12th house Scorpio. Add to this the fact that your ruling planet Pluto is demanding the moon transform something and it looks like your unconscious and connection to the collective mind is about to seem a whole lot more tangible. You could use this time to pay attention to your dreams and to feed your deep self any messages about what you’d like to manifest in the following months. Interestingly, while the 12th house is often seen as a house of solitude, Jupiter revving through your opposite sign of Taurus indicates you have support from a partner, close friend or other people in a rather significant way.


The full moon falls in your solar 11th house Sag, indicating that light ios being shed on your networks, broader connection to acquaintances and asking you to evaluate and transform your goals for how you fit into the whole. Some eccentric or unexpected happenings might be in the store in the coming weeks, thanks to a very friendly signal from Uranus in Aries to a point of destiny (the north node) travelling through your sign. If you feel pressure, it will ease up.


The full moon might highlight issues or opportunities for transformation in your career or public pace in the world. It’s the sort of configuration which could make you wish to change career or jobs, or suddenly get a position (whether it’s paid or not) with much responsibility. Try not to take shortcuts or tell fibs to make things superficially easier. Pluto going through your sign has you pegged for deep long term change and transformation. Try to remember to be nice to people.


Lovely Aquarius. If travel plans or your general philosophies on life seem t0 be changing at the rate of knots, that’s ok. Remember though that paradoxically patience is a very fine thing and it’s not necessary to manifest everything immediately.  Fated meetings might be on the agenda for the coming couple of weeks thanks to your ruling planet Uranus  beaming out to the North Node in you solar 11th house of friends, networks, groups and organisations. Get out there and meet some very interesting people.


Dear lovely Pisces, your natural ability to perceive underlying currents of situations is definitely enhanced by the full moon in your solar 8th house. There may be changes or delays around issues of deep merging, intimacy and (ahem) sex. Bear in mind that there is such long term healing going on for your sign that hiccups now just mean opportunities to get things together more beautifully in the coming weeks. For some a surprise pregnancy might be on the cards. Make sure you share your enormous capacity for true love with others on a soul level.

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