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The Statue of Atlas

by Duffy the writer http://duffythewriter.wordpress.com/

The statue of Atlas is such an ancient powerful, universal image.  Everyone who sees it is moved emotionally in some way.  Some see him as mighty and strong, while others see him as heavy with the weight of the world on his shoulders and we can all relate to that from time to time.

If you look at some of the earlier statues and artifacts representing Atlas, particularly the ancient Greek statues, the globe shows the heavens represented as the constellations as we understand and map them today. The stars were very much a part of the belief systems of the ancient world.  These are some of the earliest Greek star maps which are a wonderful mix of accurate constellations and ancient Greek gods and mythical stories.

What struck me is that we can all see the same thing with our eyes and see the same item. A statue of a man with the world on his shoulders for example,  but it’s what in our souls and hearts which give us unique perspective.  Our surroundings, upbringings, religious beliefs.  The influence of our parents and peers.

As we grow older our own souls and minds explore theories and books and points of view.  What was believed before may not be believed now and as we grow into our souls we choose our own path and settle sometimes a little to the left or the right of where we started.  It’s how we all evolve in history, some beliefs fade forever such as the barbaric witch trials.  Some stay as somewhere through time a truth remains such as the stars and astrology.

When you see the statue of Atlas with the heavens and the constellations, do you see power or struggle?

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