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Mars generally speaking

Mars-geology-300x300Planet Mars was, in ancient times, referred to as the “god of war”. Initially however, Mars was a Roman god of vegetation and fertility, however as the Roman Empire expanded, Mars gained increasing popularity with the burgeoning troops, who were building the Roman Empire and so evolved to have great importance in the lives of the Romans.

In modern astrology Mars has retained the original meaning of representing great energy. However, it has evolved to also represent our inner drive, sexual drive and our conscious and unconscious efforts.  Mars is essentially representative of our power.

In a personal sense, we can use power any way we choose. We can use our will for good or evil – to build and empower ourselves and others, or to wear down and destroy our energy and the energies of those around us.

Thinking about Mars, in terms of our power and energy, when we develop more awareness of our own power we can more effectively choose how we shape our lives.

Depending on which astrological sign Mars was in at your birth, you have chosen this life to work with certain energetic gifts and challenges.

Mars spends approximately 2 months in each sign of the zodiac, so to complete his journey through all 12 signs, it takes approximately 2 years. However, Mars goes retrograde, appearing to travel backwards in the sky, every 2 years and 2 months. Whenever this retrograde period happens, Mars spends considerably longer, 4-6 months traveling back and forth throughout a sign.

There are many free websites which provide an ephemeris (planetary calendar) or birth chart, so it is easy to check which astrological sign Mars was in at your time of birth.

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