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Jupiter goes direct 30 January 2013…can you feel it?

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It seems like the our ever-expansive god of the skies has been sleeping for ages. Jupiter has been in retrograde motion since October 4 2012 and will return to his forward movement in the sky on January 30 2013. Yay. Jupiter is retrograde roughly for 6 months every year, so this is not a unique happening – it’s something all of us get to surf through.

The degrees over which Jupiter had retrograded in this period are 16 Gemini back to 6 Gemini. So people with planets or chart angles at or closely in aspect to these degrees are likely to have had their charts activated by Jupiter during this time. Also do note which houses of your natal chart these degrees are in – the Jupiter retrograde journey could effect the areas of life represented by the houses impacted.

3 – 9 degrees Gemini has been deeply activated during this period and will remain so for the next six weeks. Not only is 6 Gemini the point at which Jupiter goes direct, it was the degree of the November 28 Lunar Eclipse, or 29 November if you’re in Australia. Jupiter has been squared by Chiron during this period. It still is. Check this area of your chart, along with especially 3-9 degrees of the mutable signs. And think about whether there has been a particular issue, painful realisation or a situation which has emerged which has given you no choice but to address it.

Jupiter is expansive, big, deeply searching for higher meaning, a  little bit naughty at times, a bit Santa Claus at others, over the top, fun and certainly about belief, learning, faith, shooting for the stars – our dreams,  and absolute optimism, even when things seem hopeless.

Jupiter can facilitate our joy when we have faith even when there is no reason to, it can protect us when we are flying in the wind with no back up plan, or we can freak out, get scared and block that faith and hope, and indeed feel lost, sad and unable to access joy.

Hard aspects to Jupiter, like the Chiron square dance which has been going on over the last month and has a bit more to go yet, aren’t  there to necessarily make us experience sorrow – they can  test how well we are using our Jupiter to serve our higher purpose – can we maintain faith and hope when challenges are thrown at us? Even painful ones? Can we take a risk – jump over a hurdle when we cannot actually see what is on the other side? Can we take the chance of getting hurt? Can we trust, that as King of the Skies, Jupiter will make sure we are ok –  even if we do get a little bit hurt somewhere in there. Can we learn to wisely choose to trust Jupiter?

What might have happened as this god of the skies has been napping for the last 3 months? Lets think about sleeping or taking a bit of time to slow down. A deeply reflective period, an inward dreaming takes place. All of the delicious opportunities and risks and opportunities of learning and growing and expanding in the world can at first seem to have gone to bed with Jupiter.

But one way of looking at how the energies of the last few months have operated is that the Jupiter process has been taking place inwardly. Perhaps in our literal dreams, perhaps we have had the opportunity to pray, reflect, meditate, silently wish, learn patience with a situation which we hoped would move quicker, or accept something deeply which is for our higher good.

When Jupiter goes direct on 30 January 2013, don’t expect that inner process to suddenly manifest big in the world immediately. Jupiter doesn’t spring out of bed and immediately  go back to throwing full throttle arrows through the skies stuff – well not right away, see he needs a bit of time for  proper waking up before he can start really moving. But do expect if you wish to find it – a change in the dynamic of the situations and people and house area represented by those degrees in Gemini. For better or worse, the dynamics of the last 3  have given us opportunities for deep reflection, for processing, for a “coming out to the light” awakening. We might not have gotten exactly what we wanted in all cases, but we now have an opportunity to release a wound, accept a situation, manifest in the world again and move forward into the future with hope and faith once more.

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