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A look at the January 27 Full Moon

The full moon takes place in Sydney Australia on 27 January 2013 at 3.39pm.    The moon is full at 7 degrees, 24 minutes of Leo.


There is a lot of fire and air activated at this moon, in “nice” aspect, meaning energy should flow easily. The Sun and Moon are doing their best to feel good,  with the Moon in trine to Uranus, and sextile to Jupiter, and the Aquarian Sun of course in trine with Jupiter. The set up of the moon trine to the Sun’s ruling planet breathes a bit of  fresh air into the cosmos, doing it’s best to start lightening up the longer term backdrop of intensity in the skies.

Jan full moon chart

Leo energy is proud, fixed, creative, protective, royal and fiery. With the Sun in Aquarius and the moon trine Uranus and friendly to Jupiter, there is a glimmer of experimentation and and last minute chances for better or worse, with random or not so random connections,  ideas, wishes, goals and journeys – both physically and of the mind.

However much energy we feel from this full moon we will see  more tangible results in the following week, when Jupiter goes direct after snoozing for the last few months.

There is healing energy to be accessed which can more work on the higher meaning of our wounds, as the moon is tightly quincunx with Chiron in Pisces. This could be a case of “it hurts so good”, seeing our wounds for what they are, breathing again, releasing and being comforted.

Saturn in Scorpio is square the full moon axis Saturn activating karma, control and depth issues. Is there something which we find it almost impossible to let go of?  Where are we too attached and what or who are we addicted to? What is that long term issue we need to resolve? While there will be no magical fix to our longer term challenges at this time, we are able to gain perspective and realise we do indeed have some choices.

The other element in the backdrop this month is Saturn and Pluto in sextile which will again be built into  a  yod, or “finger of god” cnfiguration  Jupiter over the coming months. As Jupiter goes direct in Gemini from 30 January it will  complete the yod configuration for the last time in a couple in a couple of months. This energy can seem fated and will start building to complete the happenings, reversals and decisions of the last 3 months.

We can use the feel good stuff to work on our tougher issues, or take a welcome break from whatever has been too full on. We can can ignore the consequences and party hard, or we can attend the party with greater knowledge of our soul path and challenges. We start connecting to the universe again with greater strength to open our hearts and believe in our power to manifest. Make deep wishes for your higher good  now and watch them start to grow.

Images: Otago Peninsula, New Zealand, Full moon. 2007. Chart image: Solar Fire

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