Tuesday Astrology

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What on earth do the planets represent in an astrology chart?

Tuesday Astrology


So, you’re relatively new to astrology and have probably looked up the excellent www.astro.com website and generated a free chart for yourself. You may even be reading pre-written interpretations about your chart. While these have a purpose and can be fun, developing a deeper understanding of the nuts and bolts of your chart will provide much more opportunity to understand yourself at a deeper level.

The horoscopes we read generally in the paper are based upon the sign the Sun was in when we were born. But the Moon, Mercury, Venus and all of the other planets are very likely in different signs. So for example, while you might be an Aries Sun sign, your moon might be in Pisces. This in itself will add a very different flavour to your personality and approach to the world. When we consider all of the planets and  that they may be in different…

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