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full moon horoscope 27 January 2013


The full moon takes place in Sydney Australia on 27 January 2013 at 3.39pm. The moon is full at 7 degrees, 24 minutes of Leo.

There is a lot of fire and air activated at this moon, in “nice” aspect, meaning energy should flow easily. The Sun and Moon are doing their best to feel good,  with the Moon in trine to Uranus, and sextile to Jupiter, and the Aquarian Sun of course in trine with Jupiter. The set up of the moon trine to the Sun’s ruling planet breathes a bit of  fresh air into the cosmos,doing it’s best to start lightening up the intensity of the last few weeks. However, a longer term backdrop of intensity in the skies remains.




Read the overview of the full moon this month here:  https://tuesdayastrology.wordpress.com/2013/01/26/a-look-at-the-january-27-full-moon/


This full moon might bring you to some realisations or unexpected information about who you are Aries. What are your hopes and where do you find joy and has this process felt stifled of late? What hidden stuff is forcing you to address it before you can move forward? Make wishes around your bliss even if you have to search hard for what that truly means to you. Your creativity deserves to be honoured,  no matter how odd your inner self might seem to you these days. Be careful what you wish for, because you may very well get it.


The full moon falls in your solar 4th house Taurus. Lady Luna is visiting your home, your family  – whatever family means to you.  Family, how you find comfort, matters with women and home can be addressed. What you are doing out *there* in the world might be ripe for reassessment. Random issues with friends and broader connections are catalysts for change. There are rumblings from your core self emerging which herald radical opportunities to manifest. Make wishes about your life.


The full moon falling in your solar 3rd house speaks well for well, speaking. You might plan to communicate in new ways – this could be through study or writing or using some kind of technology. You could be reconnecting with friends and family and planning journeys to see them. You have opportunities to heal your yourself, but must assess what this means for your place in the world and you have to deeply examine the motives for your choices. You can manifest more authentic ways to communicate and connect with people.


You should get a welcome boost to your sense of self Cancer. It is time to bravely state what you want and trust that those you are closely connected to will benefit when you are in a state of fulfilment. If you have been itching to work at something deeper, or heal things at a distance you have the strength now. Make wishes about what you can create in the world as you gain benefits from others when you take the initiative at this time.


What lovely energy you are able to easily access now Leo. It helps balance taskmaster Saturn in square with your sign. Make wishes around who you want to be. This full moon signifies that it is time to honour yourself and in doing so you honour close connections, and even your enemies. Issues of merging, connection and deep pain are being addressed even if it is scary. You see how much you are loved.


The other side of things is far more healing, beautiful and fabulous than you thought Virgo. And so are you. These things are deeply in your core being, even if it’s sometimes hard to see ground control right now. Live your truth, dare to believe you can manifest miracles. Join with others to do any necessary healing. Pay attention to your dreams at this time.


Things might be a bit rock’n roll at the full moon Libra. Best enjoy the random happenings and opportunities coming from various directions.  Be prepared to live with what you sew around this time – basically be careful what you wish for because you might have to live with it for a very long time. Think about how these choices might work for how you feel about yourself and in your daily life.


This full moon is aiding your growth through opportunities out there in the world. You  need to find *you”. Culminations occur in home and domestic matters. Healing can come from letting go of what you thought you wanted. You might need to re-make decisions. You are being challenged to be more authentic, and need to use the energy available to define yourself. Make your own choices because unless you do, the universe will make them for you. Make wishes about yourself as opposed to others and they will manifest.


This full moon blasts energy into your quest for joy. Long distance travel, communicating your philosophies to the world, learning  and offers which honour your creativity are on the agenda. Random acts of play and romance are coming to you if you want them. Steps to heal your deep self may be put in motion. Use uncomfortable feelings to explore what you need. When your ruler Jupiter goes direct in a few days things which have been unresolved start to come together.


The full moon lights up your closest connections and resources you receive from others. Your sense of self worth will enable you to truly see what is on offer and you can have decisions to make around how you choose to receive and interpret joy and ultimately close connection. Rumblings around home and domestic matters enable you to finally realise what is working and what is not. Make wishes about how you wish to deeply and passionately live.


The full moon is your opposite sign brings a beautiful burst of energy to you and those close to you. Unexpected surprises arrive in the form of support from your broader circle of contacts. Honest communication can offer opportunities to heal wounds which still require work. You might have a choice to make soon regarding a change in longer term  goals. Make wishes about how you want to be in the world.


Your daily existence and health regimes receive a burst of energy from this moon Pisces. You are in a long term period of healing your deepest self and if any uncomfortable feelings come up at this moon, they can finally be released. Communicate your higher truth at this time and all will be well. You have an opportunity to explore where you have allowed yourself to become stuck in your quest for learning the truth. Unexpected opportunities to acquire valuable resources for yourself can be grabbed onto.

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