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new moon horoscope February 10th 2013

The February new moon takes place on 10 February at 6.20pm in Sydney, Australia. The new moon falls at 21 degrees 43 minutes of Aquarius.

Aquarius is a fixed air sign, and is known as the “water carrier”. Aquarius can be innovative, about friendships,  the collective, connections, human rights, the greater good, invention, eccentricity, technology, lightening flashes of brilliance, over-theoretical, distant and stubborn.

Feb new moon chart 2013

The new moon is in exact square to the nodes – the axis of growth, meetings and destiny. The Aquarian new moon is is semi-square to ruler of Aquarius, Uranus. This configuration speaks to beginnings for individuals which will have greater power and potential to mainfest if these beginnings also benefit the collective. If your birthday falls around the time of this new moon, it is bound to be a powerful year for you where you will be called to make significant changes to your life.

Jupiter is moving forward at the new moon and in a lovely separating trine to Venus, which seems rather flirtatious and helps to balance some of the heavier influences.

Mars, Mercury and Chiron are conjunct in Pisces, not too far away from Neptune. There are energetic opportunities to access our unconscious at this time, our senses are energised and highly attuned, pay attention to feelings,  dreams and coincidences – there are no accidents. Saturn in trine to this Piscean stellium reinforces that this is a karmic time for deep healing and growth and adda a supportive, steadying influence – if we need to cry, Saturn will ensure there is a purpose to our tears. Pluto is also in linking to this set up, adding yet more intensity and ensuring we have the opportunity to transform through our experiences.


The February new moon activates your friendship circles, hopes, wishes, broader networks, unexpected gains and humanitarian causes. It is sometimes described by astrologers as the house of  love received. The key this month for you Aries is to balance your resources  – both your own money, possessions and self worth and that of partners and deep associates with your broader wishes for your life. There may be unexpected costs to what you want, or you may make unexpected gains which you didn’t see coming. Believe you are worth it.


Your place in the world, your career or even issues with parents will need to be equalised with desires of parters or close associates which in turn will need to be balanced with your own personal identity and expression. Your inner self is undergoing intense reforming these days Taurus and you might be discovering that former ways being in the world do not serve your higher purpose. This new moon cycle can open up doors for you to express yourself ore authentically.


The new moon stimulates opportunities to take a fresh look at your higher beliefs, perhaps think about learning further formally. You might come across opportunities to plan to travel places far away or seek new forms of freedom. This will all need to be tempered with your day job which you actually need in order to survive,  and you might need to create routines to give you some security in the midst of all these opportunities for accessing your higher purpose.  Your self worth can receive welcome healing at this time, provided you do not restrict or stifle others.


The new moon speaks to new energy in relation to how you merge with others Cancer. New levels of deep relating can open up now, and new sources of income through others too. There is a need to balance these areas with how you find joy, a longer term issue which you are in the process of reforming. There are choices between flirtation or a light approach to things and deep commitment now –  in many areas of your life – think what will serve your higher purpose in the long run.


Partnerships and how you relate to others receive a welcome boost at the new moon Leo. There is a call to balance your domestic life and longer term issues with family in order to take advantage of and joy from relating opportunities. Long term circumstances to gain through connections with others and investments receive healing now.


You might have an excellent boost to your health regime this month Virgo. Any types of practical actions to boost your eating habits or physical goals should do well now. You might be called to consider how your communication skills help or hinder your wellbeing. You also might be in a position to assess what you are willing to accept from others. Negativity has no place in your higher purpose and you will see that yourself and what you wish for are actually valuable and viable at this time.


You may discover that your domestic life and family seem to be at odds with what your true direction at this time Scorpio even though you perhaps thought differently at the beginning of the year. What is it you might need to consider balancing in these areas? Have you made commitments to a way of life which you feel you need to reconsider? This new moon signals that you do indeed have a whole world of choices and you need to make them for yourself in order to evolve. A bunch of planets are heading into your fifth house of joy , kids and romance- check back for your full moon horoscope for clues regarding healing opportunities in these areas.


You might find much energy around communicating, short trips and catching up with friends. Technology could be attractive now. You can feel like it’s time  to join with others as your ruler Jupiter finally goes forward in your 7th house of partners – some matters will be resolved  in this area.Some of this busy action could force a choice between relationships and your karmic duty to your own growth is at this time. Also make sure you don;t burn the candle at both ends too much.  Know that your deep unconscious is being subject to lessons, tests and that your dreams hold key messages. There might be unexpected news regarding your home or family.


This new moon is a great time for setting in motion plans to build your personal wealth and resources Capricorn. And this can also mean exploring options to improve your skills, enjoying your talents more and thinking about where you wish to be by the years end. Make yourself a priority at this time, and I say this because past flirtations or new peer groups could tempt you to focus on them rather than yourself. By all means enjoy the company of past and new friends, but don’t let it cost you too much money, time or headspace. Be clear with communication this month.


A new moon is your sign at the same time Jupiter moves forward in your house of play and romance sets the mood for fun and flirtation this valentines day Aquarius. Enjoy! With lots of attention on you, try to balance any differences between your new lease of life and your responsibilities, whether this be career or home issues and challenges. While this may very well be a fun time, the broader life direction, career and family issues will remain. Smooch someone for sure, but try not to lose your head or get too caught up in the whirlwind. Enjoy.


A new moon is your 12th house Pisces, recharges your soul and enables you to make deep wishes at this time. You might certainly prefer to make a bit of space for yourself, for there is no better tome this year to dream of what you want for you life. Necessary travel and communications deadlines can make you feel a bit too busy so it is important to be organised and even a little bit spiritually selfish right now. As the month progresses the house of Pisces grows full with planets – truly use this time now to conjure up your spectacular future.

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