Tuesday Astrology

surfing on through the skies

a look at the astrology of February 2013

February’s Planets 

All dates and times are based on Australian Eastern Standard time

The new moon this month will be on 10 February at 21 degrees 43 minutes of Aquarius.

The full moon will be on 26 February at 7 degrees 24 minutes of Virgo.

Mercury begins the month in Aquarius before heading in Pisces where it travels through to 19 degrees Pisces before going retrograde on the  23 February until the middle of March.

Venus begins the month by kissing goodbye to Capricorn and heading into Aquarius where she will travel through, finishing the month in Pisces.

Mars begins the month by finishing his stay in Aquarius and heading into Pisces to stay for the next 2 months.

Jupiter goes direct a day before the month begins and will pick up speed as he recommences his journey from the early degrees of Gemini.

Saturn turns retrograde on 19 February and will remain so until the first week of July.

Uranus spends February moving forward in Aries

Neptune remains in the early degrees of Pisces this month

Pluto spends February continuing the slow deep journey through Capricorn.


The month begins with the Sun, Mercury and Mars still in Aquarius, and with the Sun about to square off with Saturn. While this square is not the cheeriest of energies to commence the month with, it should open our eyes to where we stand with matters which may have seemed stuck or difficult, or we may come face to face with a reality which aids us to see ourselves in a new light – even if that reality seems harsh at the time.

As if to provide some anaesthetic to any harsh realities which we may have to face, Mars moves into Pisces at the same time as the Sun Saturn square and then aligns with dreamy Neptune in Pisces. Mercury the follows suit and kisses Neptune a couple of days later. This sort of energy set up has the potential to activate healing, perhaps of some of the truths we face as the month opens. The energy can also operate to make things a bit foggy, so be sure to accept whatever seems a little too good to be true at this time for what it is in the moment, as opposed to making life altering decisions based on a feeling. We are heading into a couple of months where Neptune and Pisces energy is front and centre. Great for compassion, understanding and healing and equally great for mysteries, delusions, being off with the fairies and altering our consciousness in positive or not-so-positive ways.


With the build up of energy in Pisces and with Neptune being centre stage for most of the month, as well as the north node in intense Scorpio, there is an astounding depth to the energies at play. We might need to check whether we are operating unconsciously at times. Meditation, or some quiet time to contemplate would be on everyone’s must do list for the month.

Primal Mars conjuncts wounded healer Chiron in of course Pisces on February 13/14 and the days surrounding. Truths and connection and wounds surface now – a deep Valentines day indeed.

The Sun enters Pisces on the 19th of February, at the same time that Venus in Aquarius squares the nodal axis across Scorpio/Taurus. Saturn also goes retrograde at this time. Events at this time are fated.

Jupiter is just moving forward after a three month retrograde period and will spend February getting used to going forward again, moving just over a degree through the whole month. With the collective energies at play, wherever Gemini falls in our charts, we can start to see some light and action. Over the coming months Jupiter will again move into the apex point of a yod formation with Saturn and Pluto encouraging us to embrace our potential and state what we want to manifest with Jupiters help. While events can seem fated too at this time, we are dealing with Jupiter which does insist we have faith and hope in order to carry things off. Lets not waste this sacred triangle by feeling we are unworthy. Jupiter demands we claim our rightful place and gifts from the skies in order that we can generously share them and ourselves with others. And throughout this month Jupiter is in friendly sextile with maverick Uranus, so flashes of luck, unconventional ideas, and unusual connections could assist us to encourage our Jupiter adventures.

Saturn in Scorpio remains in sextile to Pluto in Capricorn for the month, enabling us to do some serious foundational work practically and emotionally. This might mean literally laying physical foundations for a home or restructuring our pyche’s. These can be long term projects. Saturn turns retrograde on 19 February for a five month period. Saturn retrograde can be viewed as giving us some breathing space from Saturn’s intense karmic lessons in Scorpio, alternatively there may be a slowing down, or longer term delays with regard to structures being re-formed in the Scorpio part of our charts.

Note that Mercury will go retrograde towards the end of the month until mid March, so as most astrologers will advise, it is best to get paperwork, purchases, car repairs etc.. out of the way prior to then. It is also a good idea to back up your computer, phone and be sure to double check any details or arrangements twice or three times. It is not the optimum time to make major purchases or book that dream holiday. If you do have to travel during this Mercury retrograde period, be sure to take deep breaths and do not be surprised if there are delays. Keep in good spirits with any hiccups, because Mercury is a trickster, rather than a heavy transformational energy, so all is usually ok in the end when surfing  this energy.

The month ends with a huge amount of energy in Pisces:  Venus will be conjunct Neptune at months end, the Sun will be conjunct wounded healer Chiron, and Mercury will have just retrograded over Mars – all in Pisces. Water, water everywhere. It seems this month we can access deep parts of the ourselves and the collective and ready ourselves to embrace the coming months with greater peace and joy. Tip: Umbrella’s

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