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sky thought 10 February Mars conjunct Chiron


Mars is coming into conjunction with Chiron at 8 Pisces. This conjunction will be exact in Sydney, Australia in the early hours of February 13. Just in time for Valentines Day.

Mars is pure primal energy, the fight/flight response, animal instinct, sex, warrior energy, force, fire, the ruler of Aries and the traditional ruler of Scorpio. Chiron is wounding, the Achilles heel, deep healing love (from a universal perspective), insight, pain, ‘it hurts so good’ energy, spiritual Rohypnol, turpentine for the soul (remember turpentine has a purpose in the physical world).

In Pisces blending with Chiron, Mars is a touch quieter seemingly but has the opportunity to go deep into the collective of Pisces consciousness. Chiron aids Mars’ descent into the abyss and offers energy to access glimmers of understanding and healing. Wounds can be inflamed and hurt like hell. Conversely, there is abundant energy to embrace the unseen, unheard and often ignored universal love.

Happy Valentines Day week.

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