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The Aries Sun Sign Woman




The Aries Sun sign woman is ruled by Mars, the planet named after the ancient Roman god of war. Before Mars gained popularity as the god of war, he was the god of vegetation and fertility. This ruling planet can make  the Aries woman, passionate, energetic, creative, forthright, willing to express her opinions and usually not afraid of a good argument if necessary. Aries is a fire sign and are also known for their energy, fairness, kindness, generous spirit, leadership skills, and their love of being with many people.

The Aries woman is ruled by Mars, the god of war, and she is a fire sign, so she can have a quick fiery temper, particularly if someone, or something challenges her sense of fairness and rightness. Thankfully that temper which can flare up sometimes, dies down as quickly as it came, and one very positive element to the Aries woman is that she doesn’t hold grudges, she really does, “build a bridge” and get over disagreements or temper tantrums rapidly.

Work-wise the Aries woman  craves a career which is varied, and in which she gets to make decisions or at least have some say in how she goes about her work. Possible careers are acting, sports, the travel industry, speechwriting, sales and Aries women also make excellent leaders and managers.

Aries is a youthful sign – the first sign of the zodiac, and natives of this sign tend to maintain a youthful appearance throughout their lives. While an Aries woman might start a specific beauty routine, they may not necessarily continue doing something which is too rigid, so they generally prefer to use one or two products which they know work well and prefer not have too many steps to commit to in a beauty regimen. Thankfully they are generally pretty healthy and usually eat well so this tends to help them look good.

Aries women generally dress stylishly and comfortably, so they are ready to go anywhere at a moments notice. It is important to them that they look good, so they put their best foot forward wherever they are. The Aries woman loves trying new things and creating new looks and this extends to her fashion sense. She usually looks classy, comfortable and ALWAYS has something unique about her look, even if it’s just that fabulous bracelet she picked up while trekking through Nepal. First impressions are everything. (Besides, the Aries woman is so energetic, she may not see a person she meets again and would like them to remember her as the wonderful creature she is).

In love, Aries women are passionate, honest and enjoy being active with their partners. Whether it’s hitting the clubs for a good dance (they usually LOVE dancing by the way), or ahem….getting rather passionate between the sheets, this woman needs to do things! She tends to dive right into relationships with an attitude of “it is either going to work or not, so lets get on with it, so we know either way”. If she is wounded in love she will express the pain and move on fairly quickly.

Aries women need a partner who can keep up with them – mentally and physically –  they certainly cannot stand being around couch potatoes for very long. Sexually, the Aries woman has a very healthy appetite, and a frank open approach. She loves trying anything new and will certainly treat her partner well, as long as they do not try to be the *boss*. She will not be pushed around by anyone – she is happy to be fair, but could never be with an over-controlling partner.

As a mother, the Aries woman is fun, in good control of her children and a great teacher and mentor to them. She loves with all her heart and will go to the ends of the earth to protect and encourage her offspring. She will impart to them a great sense of self and will give them the tools to develop good self-esteem, independence and to engage their imaginations.

Health wise, Aries rules the head, and too much activity, as in over the top overcommitting to too many things or over-worrying can lead to headaches and irritability.  Regular exercise, eating well and even some sort of calming activity like yoga or meditation can do wonders for the Aries woman’s well-being.

Overall, the world would be lost without the ideas, leadership and energy of this beautiful Aries goddess. No matter where her life takes her, she will be remembered for being an inspirational and creative personality.

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