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Marilyn Monroe and Black Moon Lilith

Marilyn Monroe natal chartBlack Moon Lilith

Marilyn Monroe’s Neptune is  in the first house,  not too far from the Ascendent. We will start with mentioning Neptune as a way to access the depth of the Black Moon and how it is a most interesting feature of Marilyn’s chart.

If Neptune is dreaming,  inspiration, fantasy, illusion,  delusion, romance, fogginess, anesthetic, the collective unconscious, inebriation, compassion, poetry, film, smokescreens, merging, secrets, universal connection, poisons, drugs, conception, seeding, then from what we know about her life story, Marilyn embodied just about all of these at one time or another.

Black Moon Lilith is also in the 1st house. Black Moon Lilith is an imaginary chart point representing amongst other things,  the “dark side” of our nature. Primal sexuality, guilt, envy, fear, depth, female power, vengeance, empowerment, seduction.

The Black moon casts these flavours into the t-square in Marilyn’s chart being in conjunction with Neptune in the 1st house, square Saturn in the 4th house, square moon and Jupiter in the 7th house. Marilyn’s projection of emotional fantasy through her persona, challenged by her own sense of security takes on a powerful urgency which must be expressed and processed outwards. This set up reflects Marilyn’s personal emotional journey. She was an adored icon and a vulnerable human being.

Black Moon Lilith is in close trine aspect to Marilyn’s Venus in Aries. In fact it is the closest aspect to Venus in the chart. Venus is of course conjunct Chiron – an aspect in itself that can speak to great adventures and lessons with the love energy and journeys to do with wounding and healing.  That Lilith feeds into this conjunction in trine aspect adds deep intensity to the youthful fiery Venus in Aries. Does it resonate with the idea of using sexuality to gain love, to experience the Chironic journey through love, with the gift being to come to terms with a personal philosophy around how to use the intense Lilith power?

Black Moon Lilith is in tight quincunx to Uranus in the deep 8th house of merging, other people’s resources, sex and death. The quincinx is not an entirely comfortable aspect, one which is often said to require constant adjustment between the energies involved. So the Black moon function in the horoscope, needs to continually adjust to eccentric or perhaps unpredictable sexuality, gains through others, the drawing of self worth through others. Mars is in the 8th house as well reinforcing themes of a primal, survival nature.

A final observation about the Black Moon. It is exactly conjunct the one of the brightest fixed stars in the sky,  Regulus (actually it moves a degree every 72 years). This is the “Heart of the Lion” in the constellation of Leo, a Royal star. Regulus is said to bestow great riches and fame.


References for Regulus:

4 comments on “Marilyn Monroe and Black Moon Lilith

  1. Eva
    September 26, 2014

    Signs masculine 7 Signs of fire 3
    Signs feminine 3 Signs of earth 1
    Signs cardinals 5 Signs of air 4
    Signs fixed 2 Signs of water 2
    Signs mutable 3

    Chiron Taurus 18.37
    Ceres Scorpio 25.16
    Pallas Libra 19.52 R
    Juno Capricorn 1.42
    Vesta Capricorn 19.15
    Fortune Scorpio 12.32
    South node Capricorn 21.44

  2. Eva
    September 26, 2014

    I am incredibly possessive and jealous, who sees people and life in black and white.
    If I love, I love to bits and when I hate I can be very vengeful –I rarely forgive and never forget.
    I can get very aggressive and have a short temper.
    I am also extreme in everything I say and do.
    I am also very sarcastic.

    On the top of all of that I have huge amount of daily energy and I love joking and laughing.

    Sun Trine Jupiter 3.13 90
    Sun Square Uranus 2.32 -75
    Sun Square Ascendant 1.60 -67
    Moon Trine Uranus 0.54 106
    Moon Trine Ascendant 5.26 29
    Moon Opposition Midheaven 6.53 -42
    Mercury Square Jupiter 0.06 -128
    Mercury Sextile Ascendant 1.08 115
    Mercury Trine Midheaven 0.20 77
    Venus Square Saturn 5.51 -4
    Venus Square Pluto 0.48 -69
    Mars Conjunction Saturn 2.40 80
    Mars Conjunction Pluto 7.43 45
    Mars Conjunction Midheaven 8.27 26
    Saturn Conjunction Pluto 5.03 129
    Uranus Conjunction Ascendant 4.32 66
    Neptune Sextile Pluto 0.04 59

    Sun in III
    Moon in III
    Mercury in II
    Venus in II
    Mars in Midheaven
    Jupiter in XI
    Saturn in Midheaven
    Uranus in XII
    Neptune in Ascendant
    Pluto in Midheaven
    Lilith in Ascendant
    Asc node in VIII

    Zodiac in degrees 0.00

    Placidus Orb:0

    Sun Pisces 7.06 Ascendant Sagittarius 9.06
    Moon Aries 3.40 II Capricorn 16.04
    Mercury Aquarius 10.14 III Pisces 3.03
    Venus Capricorn 27.31 IV Aries 10.33
    Mars Libra 19.00 R V Taurus 5.49
    Jupiter Scorpio 10.20 R VI Taurus 24.06
    Saturn Libra 21.40 R VII Gemini 9.06
    Uranus Sagittarius 4.34 VIII Cancer 16.04
    Neptune Sagittarius 26.47 IX Virgo 3.03
    Pluto Libra 26.43 R Midheaven Libra 10.33
    Lilith Sagittarius 17.10 XI Scorpio 5.49
    Asc node Cancer 21.44 XII Scorpio 24.06

  3. eva
    June 13, 2014

    I also have Lilith and Neptune in 1st house in ascendant with Sagittarius…
    and what’s worse Mars, Saturn and Pluto in Conjunction with Midheaven(very deadly aspect)

    • Tuesday
      June 23, 2014

      hi Eva, I don’t believe any aspect is deadly! With a set up of those very strong planets at your Midheaven it could be that you are called to be a leader in some form or another. It would be necessary to view your chart as a whole to really understand some of the choices you might have with your chart set up. Energetic, strong and transformation are some of the key words which come to mind that might influence your journey.

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