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Thoughts on Black Moon Lilith in astrology.


Black Moon Lilith is a hypothetical or “pretend” mathematical point in your natal horoscope chart. It is an imaginary space in the sky calculated by the moons apogee (furthest point in its orbit around the Sun) at any given time in the moons orbit.

Mythologically there are a few stories about the origin of the myth of Lilith. One is that she was the first woman, but she refused to lie beneath Adam – she wanted to be on top. Therefore she was cast out of the garden of Eden and replaced by “perfect” Eve. And we all know how well things went for Eve.

Off topic thought- am I recognising a theme here? That God casts out women because they explore and think, that they are evil temptresses? If so why are women by creation dangerous, I mean really? Personally I think God might have considered having one more go at creating woman before casting all of human creation out of the garden. I wonder if the garden was interesting enough for women?.

Psychologically Lilith might be the “dark part” of the feminine within us. Yes men, this applies to your female side too. Not a dark part, because we cannot see it, but a dark part because it is the full-on human, primal urge, potent energy within us. We maybe feel uncomfortable acknowledging it. Sometimes we should perhaps, because the un-tameable side of ourselves is not always pleasant. Once we descend into the deep feeling and acknowledging of this part of ourselves, there is no going back.

Lilith  truly can be a catalyst for the function of deep self awareness and acceptance of ourselves as biological beings, the refusal to submit, awareness of feminine mystery, sexuality, sacred sex, crazy and beautiful allure, ability to deeply merge, power, the occult, self esteem, self mastery, goddess power, and the ultimate  honouring of our essence as human. Conversely, Lilith can go way dark and explore the realms of vengefulness, taboo, unrequited grief, anger, revenge, pain, dark occult forces, violent domination, hurting, abandonment, unhealthy submission, rage, domestic violence, self-harm, fear and murder.

Often the average person is somewhere in the middle of “good-Lilith, bad-Lilith” extremes and this is where the socially constructed emotions which give us a conscience have welcome a role to play.

Kathleen Burke as Lota the panther woman in Island of Lost Souls (1932)

Kathleen Burke as Lota the panther woman in Island of Lost Souls (1932)

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