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Valentines day horoscope – just for fun

These horoscopes are a glance at the skies for February 14th and how they might relate to your Sun sign. The themes discussed will certainly be around for a couple of days, and may be longer term for some of the signs.

Marlene Dietrich in Blonde Venus (1932)


The moon is in Aries this Valentines Day, and not far from unpredictable Uranus. So expect the unexpected. There is a lot going on in your unconscious right now Aries, pay attention to your dreams. It can be a transformational time.


If work or responsibilities to others seem to be getting in the way, give yourself a break Taurus. Your ruler Venus is shining rather brightly in Aquarius. Be kind to others today and the reward will be long term loyalty. Reminisce as much as you need to.


Jupiter in your sign is friendly to Uranus and the moon. Try not to go too far over the top, or party too hard at this time. You’re asking yourself questions about what you really believe to be true at this time. Rose coloured glasses, or true romance?


It’s a good day to consider long term plans,  it’s also a good day for thinking about planning a holiday. What you decide this month will have far reaching effects as energy from Saturn, planet of long term commitments is flowing easily to your sign.


The moon is sending lovely beams to your sign Leo – and your ruler, the Sun, along with love planet Venus are opposite your sign, in the house of partners. Add the Pisces planets to your solar 8th house of depth, sex and intimacy and I think you have quite a few options for engaging with others at various levels at this time.


Healing, communication, releasing old wounds. All those planets in Pisces are in your solar 7th house Virgo. A fiery Moon and radical Uranus energy light up your 8th house of merging. It is a good time to take radical steps to sort things out once and for all. For some there will be serious discussions about long term plans.


The moon and Uranus are in your solar 7th house of partners and others. You might find yourself adjusting suddenly to make someone else happy. This is very well and good if it is aligned with your desires. And with the Sun and Venus in your solar 5th house of kids, creativity and romance, you might think about creating something new with your significant other.


You have all that current Pisces energy in your 5th house of kids, romance and joy Scorpio. Mars and Chiron together give you opportunities to sort out any deep issues and Mercury and Saturn support deep conversations. Karmic relationship matters may surface at this time. notice the connection between your emotions and your health.


Your ruler Jupiter is direct in your solar 7th house, which augers well for expansion with partners, or for connecting with potential partner. The moon and Uranus in your 5th house of joy, promise that you will have romance on your mind. You might be evaluating your domestic arrangements.


Your ruler Saturn is friendly with Pluto, god of the underworld right now, which is good. It means things might still be deep and intense but they are sorting themselves out. You should feel good and upbeat at this time.  Someone from your past is ripe to appear.


With the Sun and Venus gracing your sign you should look particularly lovely at this time. While money issues might surface, your mind is taken off this by the fun you have with children and romantic prospects. You are particularly creative at this time which can be applied both to the money issues and the fun to be had.


With Neptune, Pisces, Mars and Chiron gracing your sign Pisces, you are transforming currently. Sometimes this entails moving in, in order to embrace your potential. You can feel very happy with your domestic arrangements right now. Snuggle up to those you love.

The Planets Today

The Sun is in Aquarius
The Moon is in Aries
Mercury is in Pisces (and moving rather slowly as will retrograde soon)
Venus is in Aquarius
Mars is in Pisces
Jupiter in Gemini
Saturn in Scorpio
Uranus in Aries
Neptune in Pisces
Pluto in Capricorn

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