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Mercury Retrograde February 2013

Mercury turns retrograde on 23 February (in Sydney Australia) at 19 degrees of Pisces. It will head backwards until the 18th March when it goes direct at 5 degrees Pisces.

For a general explanation of Mercury retrograde go here:  Mercury Retrograde, generally speaking

Check out the chart for the minute Mercury goes retrograde in Sydney Australia:


The interesting thing about this particular Mercury retrograde period is that it further emphasises the immense amount of energy in Pisces thanks to the build up of planets there.

Wherever Pisces is in a personal horoscope chart, there should be a theme being played out thanks Neptune, Chiron, Mars and Mercury currently in there, and Venus also about grace the sea with her presence.

Mercury in Pisces brings the planet which governs our thinking function traveling through dreamy, foggy and inspirational Neptune land. The quick air element, so used to flitting about, traverses the sea. So this transit in itself allows the cerebral messenger god to go a bit deeper than than may usually be expected. Think a bit deeper. Move beyond superficial assessment and examine deeply. Perhaps think and act a little more consciously and deliberately.

Conversely,  Mercury might get lost in the sea for a bit. He is mutable, as is Pisces. He probably likes a drink, being the sociable soul he is, and since the options for altering consciousness are abundant in the realm of Pisces, it’s possible to overindulge to avoid the deep reality of situations.  Or be a bit thwarted and distorted in our thinking.

So Mercury in Pisces retrograde in a sense doubles the energy described above. For a start it almost triples the time Mercury spends in Pisces, and it ensuring we do not miss the message of his visit, in whatever way we choose to experience it.

Traditionally astrologers warn against signing contracts, making important purchases or commitments during this period, and ensuring we back up our digital worlds. Of course it is cogent to try to think clearly at all times, and worth paying special attention to “warnings” about retrograde Mercury.

Mercury retrograde in Pisces also gives us  energy and opportunity to workshop, re-examine, run into the past, correct mistakes, make further plans, see things from a different perspective, reverse a decision, make a lucky escape from something and of course communicate about all our Pisces stuff.

It is worth noting, that once Mercury goes forward it is not until he reaches the degree at which he went retrograde that we are said to out of the “shadow” of Mercury retrograde effects.

So how might this period play out for us?

As Pisces is such a busy place currently the manifestations of Mercury retrograde in your own life have many possibilities based on your natal chart set-up.

For example, if Pisces is the sign of your 4th house, domestic, family and your “roots” are being emphasised. There could be a change in family structure, issues around where you “come from”. A house sale might fall through, or you could find out information pertinent to your clan. You might be exploring where you feel “at home”, safe, what your base is. Mercury retrograde here, might mean going through boxes of old family photos, reminiscing about them, or your home base might seem fragile, fluid and subject to change.

To understand how it might manifest for you, it is worth checking out your natal chart. www.astro.com is a place you can do it for free. Or post a comment with where Pisces is in your chart and we can have a quick look.

6 comments on “Mercury Retrograde February 2013

  1. amber
    February 25, 2013

    Pisces is over my fourth house at 13.29 degrees. The moon also in my chart is at Pisces at 16.42. Is there any clues about what the two could be affected my this retrograde? Thanx peace nd love -amber

    • Tuesday
      March 2, 2013

      Hi Amber – is 13.29 degrees the cusp of your 4th house? Or is your 4th house from 13 to 29 degrees Pisces? Either way, your moon will be “hit” by Mercury 3 times during his journey through Pisces. Once prior to when he went retrograde in February, once in the next few days via retrograde, and once in late March when Mercury going direct journey’s over your moon again. Moon in the 4th house natally describes an emotional function which is tuned into your home, roots, family (however you connect with the concept of family) and your core values. Mercury traversing this area of your chart could find lots of chatter in your home, talk of changing things, family discussions, visits by siblings and neighbours etc…retrograde Mercury could bring a family secret or two to the fore, choices about domestic arrangements, perhaps even consultations with real estate agents. To get a full picture you would need to see how the moon is tuned into your chart as a whole, but generally these 4th house/moon issues should be at the fore for the period. Oh, and there may be the odd water issue around the home too.


  2. Tuesday
    February 22, 2013

    Hi Gretchen,
    Pleasure to answer your question. I hope the information was useful.
    Please feel free to email me at tuesdayastrology@gmail.com for further information on services.
    Kind Regards,


  3. Gretchen Vorhaus
    February 21, 2013

    I have Pisces rising in my natal chart. How will this Mercury retro grade affect me? My honey’s birthday is Feb. 23. How might this retrograde impact him? We just made reservations for a bicycling trip to Italy on Feb. 19. We leave May 29-June 11.
    Please advise!!!
    Thank you!

    • Tuesday
      February 21, 2013

      Hi Gretchen,

      If you are a Pisces rising – do you know the degree of your rising? The build up of Pisces energy would be affecting your 1st house, and likely your 12th house. The 12th house is about the hidden things deep within – so can represent secrets, connection to the collective, dreams etc…it is the home house of Pisces naturally. The first house is how we appear to the world – how our personality projects, and to some extent our visible identity. So Mercury retrograde gives energy to issues regarding your inner self, and outer identity at this time – and the “opportunity to workshop, re-examine, run into the past, correct mistakes, make further plans, see things from a different perspective, reverse a decision, make a lucky escape from something and of course communicate about these matters”.

      Of course without seeing your chart, it is impossible to really examine how this might play out for you – the above is a general guide.

      As a personal horoscope requires a date, time of birth, and place of birth I do not know which area of your partners chart is being activated at this time.

      Regarding your trip – you booked it prior to Mercury turning retrograde, and are traveling while mercury is direct, so this seems like a good omen.

      Don’t worry tooooo much about Mercury retrograde periods – we all have to surf them roughly 3 times a year. I think they are valuable for growth.

      Kind Regards,


      • Gretchen Vorhaus
        February 22, 2013

        Thank you! What do you charge for a reading? I’ve had my natal chart done, what I would like is information on what is happening now and forward, and info on my sweetie, and our compatibility.
        I can get the dates and times to you.
        Thanks again!

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