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Pope Resignation. Who will be the next Pope? An analysis using the Sabian Symbols.

The following analysis is based on comments which Al wrote in response to the post on the Pope’s resignation which can be found here. The material here is reproduced with permission and much thanks to Al, who has asked to remain anonymous.

The chart being examined is for the time the Papacy becomes vacant on 28 February 2013.


It’s interesting to note that the description of the Sabian symbol for the position of the Moon is 17Libra –  “A retired sea captain watches ships entering and leaving the harbor.”

“The church, of course, has from earliest times been symbolised by the ship which navigates over the sea of the desire nature. Subjugation to the desire nature is a necessary condition of our human existence. Hence while Jesus walks on water, Peter sinks (Matthew 14:26-31).

“In order then not to drown in the desires Peter needs a boat. And this has come to be associated with the church. Even the actual building carries a reference to this because the nave in a church derives from the Latin ‘navis’ (ship)”.

“Ships have also served for models for the church as a building. The word ‘nave’ is derived form the Latin ‘Navis Ecclesiae’ (= ‘church ship’),…”

Hymns about the Sea and Maritime Metaphors — By Ariane Slater

During the event, the location of Mars is 21Pis, the Sabian symbol (rounded above) for that is 21-22 Pis “A prophet carrying tablets of the new law is walking down the slopes of Mount Sinai.”

This is clearly a reference to the future pope.

The location of Pluto is 11Cap07: Sabian symbol 10-11 Cap “A large group of pheasant on a private estate.”

The Common Pheasant (Phasianus colchicus) is native to Italy and throughout Europe. The head  is bottle green with a small crest and distinctive red wattle. In semiotic language, this could refer to the College of Cardinals (“large group of pheasant” — ‘birds’ with a red wattle!) on a “private estate” (i.e. Vatican City). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Common_Pheasant

The location of Neptune is 3Pisces: Sabian symbol 3-4 Pisces “Heavy car traffic on a narrow isthmus linking two seashore resorts.”

Again, semiotically this could refer to the passage of the current papal administration to the next. The maritime symbology being esoterically interpreted as a reference to the papacy.

The position of the Arabic Part ‘Dismissal & Resignation’ is 8 Aquarius  Sabian symbol 9-10 Aquarius “A man who had for a time become the embodiment of a popular ideal is made to realize that as a person he is not this ideal.”

The could refer to Pope Benedict’s reason for his resignation aside from his health concerns.

The Part of Fortune is located at 28Aquarius: Sabian symbol 28-29 Aqu “A butterfly emerging from a chrysalis.”

This could refer to Pope Benedict free of the constraints (“chrysalis”) of his papal responsibilities. Take a look at this stunning (somewhat creepy) link concerning the death of John Paul II which I found after writing the above comment: http://www.theonion.com/articles/pope-emerges-from-chrysalis-a-beautiful-butterfly,1318/

In the context of the article the butterfly imagery could refer to Pope Benedict’s symbolic papal “death”. The butterfly has long been a Christian symbol of resurrection: http://www.religionfacts.com/christianity/symbols/butterfly.htm

The next Sabian symbol in the series is 29-30 Aquarius “Deeply rooted in the past of a very ancient culture, a spiritual brotherhood in which many individual minds are merged into the glowing light of a unanimous consciousness is revealed to one who has emerged successfully from his metamorphosis.”

This could refer to the initiation of the newly elected pope.

The position of Poseidon (retrograde) during the event is 11 Scorpio: Sabian symbol 10-11 Scorpio “A drowning man is being rescued.”

Pope Benedict feels overwhelmed (“drowning”) and therefore resigns (“being rescued”).  “He genuinely feels washed out”: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/religion/the-pope/9875091/Benedict-XVI-resigns-the-reluctant-Pope-leaves-behind-a-Vatican-rocked-to-its-core.html

Vulcanus (retrograde) is located at 26 Cancer during the event: Sabian symbol 27-28 Can “An Indian girl introduces her white lover to her assembled tribe.”

One can speculate the next pope may not be European or an outsider (outside the traditional avenues of succession) favored by Pope Benedict. 67 of the 117 cardinals were selected by Pope Benedict, indicating the likely successor will be a staunch doctrinal traditionalist. It’s hard to imagine a European outsider palatable to the majority of cardinals, who is also a doctrinal traditionalist. So this militates in favor of the notion the next pope will be non-European.

The week following the departure of the Pope

The Sun is positioned between 10Pis31 and 11Pis31 Friday, March 1, 2013, and the Moon will be between 28Aqu30 and 29Aqu30 Sunday, March 10, 2013 between the hours of 4:43am and 6:27am (CET, Vatican City).

It’s interesting to note the Moon is conjunct the Arabic Part ‘Intellectuality’ at 28Aqu40 on March 10, 2013, between 4:43am and 6:27am.

Sabian symbol 11-12 Pis “In the sanctuary of an occult brotherhood, newly initiated members are being examined and their character tested.”
I take this to mean the College of Cardinals will meet the week preceeding March 10 to consider possible successor candidates.


I am also trepidly predicting the next pope, or a clear front runner who will become the next pope, will be announced by March 10, 2013.

The Sabian symbols are listed here: http://oaks.nvg.org/sabsym.html

2 comments on “Pope Resignation. Who will be the next Pope? An analysis using the Sabian Symbols.

  1. Tuesday
    March 2, 2013

    However, I have just learnt that usually the conclave to elect a new Pope does not commence until 15-20 days after the papacy becomes vacant. However in this case it may be brought earlier. The following is from Wiki with a link to the article at the bottom:

    Timing and rule change
    In 1996, John Paul II issued an apostolic constitution that fixed the start date of the papal conclave at 15 to 20 days after the papacy becomes vacant. Under these rules, the conclave is expected to start sometime between 15 and 20 March 2013. Yet, because the impending vacancy has been known since mid-February, and because of the encroachment of the interregnum onto Holy Week, there has been considerable discussion about the possibility of beginning the conclave sooner.

    On 25 February 2013, the Vatican confirmed that Benedict XVI issued the motu proprio Normas Nonnullas to provide for a change.[27] The rule change leaves the College of Cardinals the possibility to bring forward the start of the conclave once all cardinals are present, or push the beginning of the election back by a few days should there be serious reasons. The Pope also amended the conclave law to provide for the automatic excommunication of any non-cardinal who breaks the absolute oath of secrecy of the College of Cardinals during the proceedings to select the new leader of the Catholic Church. Under the prior rules, any such person who violated the duty of secrecy was subject to punishment at the discretion of the new pope.[28]


  2. Tuesday
    March 2, 2013

    Hi Al,

    I concur that the next Pope may be announced around 10 March. The new moon in March is March 11/12 (depending on where in the world we are) at 21 Pisces. The same degree as Mars in this chart for the time the papacy becomes vacant.

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