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Saturn Retrograde February 2013

Saturn goes retrograde on 19 February at 4.03am in Sydney, Australia. Saturn begins his retrograde period at 11 degrees of Scorpio and will spend 5 months retrograde  until going direct at 4 degrees of Scorpio on 8 July.

Saturn is the planet which represents structure, responsibility,  commitment, constriction or limitations,  karma, lessons, hard work, boundaries and often indicates where we need to think about setting hard limits. It is not “unlucky” but it does indicate where we might need to face reality and come up with a solid plan in order to evolve.

Wherever Saturn is found in the natal horoscope points to where we need to grow up, commit to learning lessons, perhaps face fears or experience the sometimes uncomfortable feeling that developing our skills and strengths in this area brings. Saturn could indicate a delay in the area of life it represents in the horoscope. But do not forget that Saturn, like the goat climbing the mountain, always gets there in the end. If we commit to working through Saturn, any frustration we feel can be addressed and alleviated.

For example,Saturn in the 9th house could indicate that a person is unable to enter higher study upon leaving school, perhaps they had hoped to do this but for whatever reason were thwarted in their attempts. They work hard  but never give up the idea that they will study at some point. Many years later as a mature age student they finally go to university and do very well, they work hard, they have a true appreciation of the value of what they are doing.

Saturn spends approximately two and a half years transiting each sign. As Saturn moves through the houses of our horoscope, he brings us opportunities to refine, define, commit, learn lessons,  set boundaries and build long term structures in the areas of life represented by the house he is transiting,

When Saturn goes retrograde, which it is about to do for the next 5 months, we need to go back and assess the structures, complete projects, define boundaries and decide if commitments we have made serve the higher purpose and structure of our life.

While retrograde Saturn sounds quite similar to Saturn generally, the key to surfing the retrograde period is realising that we cannot continue to work through Saturn’s building energy until we have examined what current and past structures,  commitments and plans are working for us and what we might need to shed or approach in a different way. We must tie up responsibilities, work out where we have over-committed and use the period to ready ourselves – make plans for when Saturn returns to direct motion and we can start to build into the future again.

Where is Saturn transiting in your horoscope? And what requires demarcation, a revision or a plan?

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