Tuesday Astrology

surfing on through the skies

a look at the February 26 Full Moon

The  full moon takes place on 26 February 2013 in Sydney Australia at 7.26am at 7 degrees and 23 minutes of Virgo.

Here is the chart for the full moon:


That the full moon takes place in Virgo, highlights yet again the build up of energy in the opposite sign of dreamy Pisces and pits it against detailed and precise Virgo. Mercury, ruler of Virgo is retrograde in Pisces providing  we  an opportunity to define how we are using our Pisces energy currently. This is important because often Pisces functions in a less than defined manner. So at this full moon do not be surprised if realisations occur or  if people and situations which have seemed hard to grasp become clearer.

There are an abundance of planets in water and in mutable signs which indicate this could be a highly emotional and changeable time.

Venus is about to enter Pisces and is quite close to Neptune, adding some romance, art and perhaps even glamour to the energies around at this time. Because Venus has not quite hit Pisces, it is likely that this flavour will not dominate the realities which culminate at this time, but soften any of the harsher realisations which may occur.

Chiron, the wounded healer is conjunct the Sun, less that 2 degrees away , feeding in to this full moon themes of healing, wounding, and working through deep issues. As the moon is in Virgo – a sign related to healing, diligence and detail, this could be an excellent time to commit to a health regime, enter counseling, address addictions in whatever form they occur  or realise changes we need to make where we have given too much of ourselves or our power away.

The full moon axis is being squared by Jupiter at 7 degrees of Gemini forming a tight t-square. This can expand the emotions and urges for change or blow things out of all proportion. So for example, if you decide to start an exercise routine, make sure you don’t overdo it. If you decide to have a nice glass of wine, try not to drink a gallon.  If you think or feel something is true or unfair, be aware that things might seem bigger than they actually are right now.

If you have any planets or angels at 7 degrees of Sagittarius or say 5 degrees either side of this – the tight t-square involving the Sun, Moon and Jupiter will make up a big square across your chart at the full moon – this is called a grand cross. The grand cross energy could be a catalyst for big transformation or enable an unresolved issue or a skeleton to rise out into the open which absolutely must be dealt with. This is not to suggest that all of the issues which rise to the surface will be ominous. Do not forget that Pisces also signifies spirituality, deep connection, romance, poetry and prayer. Prayer is particularly powerful right now.

Jupiter, which is so keyed into the full moon axis is in sextile to Uranus at 6.45 of Aries. This would be in trine to any planet or angle  at 7 Sagittarius (the point which would make up the grand cross referred to above). So Uranus is easily feeding energy into the full moon, encouraging Jupiter to think big in unconventional ways. Embracing “out of the box”  ideas is helpful right now.

Saturn at 11 Scorpio is in trine to the the Sun and Chiron at the full moon, and could provide some grounding to the full moon energies. Saturn has just recently turned retrograde, reinforcing that we may need to refine, reconsider and come up with a solid plan for any issues which emerge at the full moon.  We get the opportunity to gain clarity, thanks to the full moon, and Saturn provides solid support to make any changes we think we need to.

Saturn is also in sextile to Pluto in Capricorn, further giving us the strength and resilience to transform structures in our lives for the longer term.

Retrograde Mercury and Mars are in trine to the North Node at 19 Scorpio, encouraging emotional truth. Black Moon Lilith square Mercury and Mars adds  passionate, uncompromising, power issues, perhaps sexual ones into the landscape.

The energies now are likely to be transformational whether or not we wish to change, so facing our deepest selves and truly embracing the notion of “let go and let God” (whatever you perceive him/her to be) is not a bad mantra to hold close at this time.

Tip: lightbulb moments and healing the past and the future.

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