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a look at the astrology of March 2013

All dates and times are based on Australian Eastern Standard time

The new moon this month will be on 12 March at 21 degrees 24 minutes of Pisces.

The full moon will be on 27 March at 6 degrees 52 minutes of Libra


The month begins with the build up of planets in Pisces peaking which will culminate at the new moon when Neptune, Mercury, Chiron, Venus, Sun, Moon and Mars will all be gracing Pisces.

With all of the water energy, and Mercury still retrograde in Pisces, the first 10 days of March could remain emotional, watery, vague, mystical, romantic, rainy and woozy.

It is worth remembering that the astrological landscape won’t look like this again for quite some time, so if there are challenges with our Piscean bits (where Pisces falls in our charts), what a remarkable opportunity to let it play out in order to (hopefully) integrate the deep lessons we are experiencing now.

Saturn and the North node in Scorpio  are in easy trine aspect to the stellium in Pisces, providing some long term effects with regard to how we work the watery energy at this time. Saturn is retrograde enabling us to really take the energies within and integrate them to build a better future.

Following the new moon, the energy in Pisces starts to move on – Mars moves into home sign Aries injecting some fire energy into the astro landscape (at last). Mars is powerful in his own sign, and his entry into Aries following the new moon could give us the first sign as to how our Pisces lessons will begin to play out. Wherever Aries is in your chart, there will certainly be some energy activated.

Mercury turns direct on 19th March, and since the moon is in Gemini this day, this should further mark an outward expression of energy, communication and activity, as opposed to the the quieter function of Mercury retrograde in Pisces. Mercury will remain in “shadow” until early April, meaning if Mercurial results don’t happen immediately, he might need time to catch up to where he was before he went retrograde.

Mars will combine with Uranus around the the 21 – 28  March, making for a rather radical full moon week. In fact, it’s a clanger of a full moon which should reiterate that it is time for action “out there in the world”. The Sun, Venus, Uranus and Mars are all together in Aries opposite the full moon, and Pluto is in square to the full moon axis. This is not a quiet configuration and some keywords for the full moon could be: action, leaps and bounds, physicality, tantrums, temper, radical change, new approaches to solutions. Expect the unexpected at this time.

Jupiter moves forward to 11 degrees of Gemini by the end of this month, re-forming the yod, or finger of god – that great isosceles triangle configuration in the skies,  with Saturn and Pluto. If you have planets or angles between 6 and 14 Gemini, you should feel some effects from this configuration. This yod formation was in place at 8/9 Gemini in December. What was happening then in the Gemini area of you chart, and will an echo or resolution be played out in late March, early April?

Chiron is in close square to Jupiter at months end, which can indicate big opportunities for healing, or alternatively magnify unresolved issues. Retrograde Saturn is in trine to Chiron which points to solid resolution if we are prepared to make long term changes at this time or go back and complete healing we have not finished or resolved.

Overall this is a month where we emerge from the collective womb of watery Pisces and commence big action out there in the world. The landscape is very very different by the end of the month, and how we choose to navigate the more assertive energies of planets through Aries will impact how the next several months play out for us.

The planets this month

The Sun starts the month at 10 Pisces, and travels to 10 degrees Aries by the end of March

Mercury is retrograde in Pisces at the start of the month, before turning direct on 19 March. It finishes March at 13 degrees Pisces.

Venus begins the month in Pisces, heading into Aries mid-month.

Mars begins the month by finishing his stay in Pisces and before heading into Aries to stir up some action at full moon time.

Jupiter is direct, finishing the month being “yodded” by Saturn and Pluto at 11 Gemini.

Saturn is retrograde at 11 and 10 degrees of Scorpio throughout the month.

Uranus spends March moving forward in Aries

Neptune remains in the early degrees of Pisces this month

Pluto spends March continuing the slow deep journey through Capricorn.

Image: fire-ice planet by Paul hastings 

2 comments on “a look at the astrology of March 2013

  1. Tuesday
    March 13, 2013

    Thank you so much for the feedback Bobbi. The watery energy of early this month has meant less focus for writing and more for contemplating or being a bit foggy. I really appreciate your encouragement.

    Kind Regards


  2. Bobbi
    March 13, 2013

    Excellent look around the solar system thanks! I was looking for thoughts on the Papal Conclave being down during a Mercury Retrograde. I’ll check back more often, like the way you discuss aspects.

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