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Mars conjunct Uranus 23 March…get ready for a wizzy week

What happens when the god of war Mars, conjuncts or blends with the god of the sky Uranus?

Well we are at the start of finding out. And in Aries no less. This energy will be around from the weekend of 16 March, building until it peaks on 23 March and then will hang around for the following couple of days.

Mars and Uranus is the sort of energy that can go to extremes. Think of a revolution for example.

With Mars being a primal type of energy and Uranus encouraging the unexpected, it could mean instant attraction to a new person, thing or place, sudden breakthroughs, unexpected resolutions, changing course suddenly, ideas which take off and in fact, anything which you didn’t quite expect to go as it shall.

This type of set up really is “light a match and get a bushfire” type energy, so little things can get magnified. This might bode well for a new enterprise, helping it to really get a boost, but conversely something said or done in anger could have sudden and deep consequences. We might feel stressed or pressured this week. Others could seem unpredictable.

It is worth remembering that what starts under this kind of energy can also disappear in a flash. Let’s say for example you meet a new love interest and it all seems very magical, an instant and seemingly deep attraction. Well the “horoscope” for your meeting will contain the Mars, Uranus conjunction. Mars can rule sex, and Uranus the unexpected. So let’s say you also have great sex with this new love interest, decide you have never felt so connected to someone before a drop everything in your life to be with them. At some point in your future as a couple, the Mars and Uranus conjunction in your “meeting chart” will get activated. This might mean it is over as suddenly as it began, it could also mean unexpected revelations come to light or something unexpected occurs to you as a couple. The point is this energy will be imprinted into your connection, just like everything else we connect with at this time.

The key to Mars and Uranus conjunct is to surf the unexpected and try to be as patient with the universal nuttiness (and our own) as much as possible.

Check your own horoscope for where 8 degrees Aries is (and the surrounding degrees) and see if anything in your chart is activated.

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