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sky thought 18 March. Mercury direct and what to expect.

Mercury goes direct at 7.03am in Sydney Australia, 18 March 2013.

Here is the chart for the minute Mercury goes direct:

Mercury direct

Mercury went retrograde on the 23 February 2013. For a general explanation of the meaning of Mercury retrograde go here.

The winged messenger has been in Pisces since 6 February, along with the build up of all the other planets/asteroids which have graced Pisces in this period  – Neptune, Chiron, Venus, Mars, the Sun, and of course the New Moon at 21 degrees Pisces on 12 March. Mars has now left Pisces, and the Sun and Venus will follow shortly.

Pisces is a dreamy, spiritual, unconscious type energy…like the sea. It functions on a deep level, a bit like dreams and Mercury is a light, fast energy which functions by gathering bits and pieces of information. They are the antithesis of each other in many ways.

This period has given the winged messenger countless opportunities to go deep, and hopefully we can embrace the lessons Mercury has discovered in his journey.

Wherever Pisces falls in your chart, there has been an immense build up of energy – perhaps sometimes vague, dreamy, delusional or inspirational. Mercury has been hanging around, going back over this energy, poking at it, tweaking it, picking up information.

As Mercury goes direct some of what has felt important, or frustrating as it has been just our of grasp or understanding, or seemed not to *happen* might start to come out, manifest or move forward.

Mercury will pick up speed over the next week, and start (for the third time) heading forward through Pisces.

It’s important to remember that Mercury remains in “shadow” until he hits 19 degrees of Pisces – the point at which he went retrograde. This happens in the early hours of the 6 April in Sydney.

While  we will start to see things moving forward as Mercury is now direct, expect further understanding, resolution  and lightbulb moments as the winged messenger comes out of shadow in early April.

Where has Mercury been retrograde in your chart, and have you felt anything as he has commenced moving forwards?

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