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a look at the 27 March full moon in Libra

The full moon will be on 27 March at 6 degrees 52 minutes of Libra, 8.27pm in Sydney Australia.

Here is the chart for the full moon:

March Full Moon

The full moon falls at 6 degrees 52 minutes of Libra. Of course the Sun is opposite at 6 degrees 52  minutes of Aries.

Venus is conjunct the Sun, and a couple of hours later will be in Cazimi with the Sun (Cazimi is an ancient Arabic term meaning “the heart of the Sun”, and suggests that the energies of the planet in Cazimi are somewhat obscured or harder to express). So Venus ruling love, money, art in Aries is powerful at the actual full moon moment, but then kind of runs away and hides for several hours afterwards. It’s an intense full moon as we will see, and perhaps Aphrodite wants nought to do with some of the action around this particular moment in time.  Guess she’s rather pop on some music and have a luxurious bath. Not a bad idea, although even she will have to face the music of the full moon, so to speak.

This full moon contains quite a stellium in Aries: The Sun, Venus, Uranus and Mars are rather close together being opposed by Lady Luna in Libra. Quite a change from the very Piscean, watery landscape of the last six weeks. Be prepared to be awakened, shook up and rattled. And to get way passionate for better or worse about things.

Uranus mixing with the full moon axis, brings an unexpected, revolutionary flavour to the energies at this time. Mars brings primal doubly fiery action into the mix giving us all the option the get mad, even, passionate, have tantrums and so forth. Mars/Uranus can be “light a match and get a massive bushfire” type energy. Jupiter is in close sextile to Mars which can  add a lucky flavour into the energies (thank goodness) or otherwise magnify happenings at this time. So go carefully in this unpredictable landscape.

To add to the intensity, Pluto is in almost exact square (or having a kind of fight) with the whole Aries stellium. As god of the underworld, trawling slowly and unrelentingly through the skies, Pluto promises that whatever occurs at the burst of energies at the full moon could have rather long term effects. Some of us will make radical life changing decisions at this time. New enterprises could go to unexpected highs or lows. It’s not necessarily calm.3 No wonder pretty Venus wants to get away for a couple of hours to relax and consider things. Perhaps we might take her cue.

There is a longer term healing backdrop in the skies with Neptune, Chiron and Mercury (now direct but still in shadow) in dreamy Pisces, receiving a stable trine from Saturn in Scorpio. The nodes, pointers of our growth are also in this mix being rather in tune with Saturn in Scorpio and Pisces (and also Pluto as above). This indicates that whatever explosions or patterns emerge at the full moon, we can use the energy to work on our longer term healing, or what comes to a head at this time can be for the greater good of our evolutionary path if we take a bigger picture approach. The trick will be remaining calm in the flurry.

Also in the skies at the full moon is the reforming of the yod, or great isosceles triangle in the skies which has been zoning in and out since late last year: the yod between Pluto and Saturn with Jupiter at the apex at 11 Gemini. The gods are pointing out 11 degreesGemini (and wherever it falls in our charts) and yet again insisting that we have faith, hope, take risks and resolve our Gemini bits. Turly, do look at where this yod points to in your chart, as the opportunity to work through this part of ourselves may not come easily again.

Wounded healer Chiron is in exact, EXACT square to Jupiter at the full moon. If we do not consciously address where this yod – “finger of god” is pointing to, this full moon might just force us to. There may be painful revelations and events which we need to fight through or accept completely. Alternatively there may be sudden breakthroughs, even resolutions to past painful experiences.

Overall, this is a clanger of a full moon. Maybe radical, innovative, creative and unpredictable. There are deeper energies and lessons at play and it might be wise for us to take note of Venus, taking a break to breathe in the midst of what promises to be a transformational time.

4 comments on “a look at the 27 March full moon in Libra

  1. Al
    March 26, 2013

    There is a youtube video (that isn’t very good) suggesting the solar stellium opposing the Moon is indicative of an impending earthquake.

  2. Al
    March 26, 2013

    There is a compact triple conjunction of Uranus, the Sun and Venus (with Mars/Dheneb conjunct within 5 degrees) opposing a compact conjunction of the void of course Moon with Zeus. These two conjunctions together with Pluto form a T-square. When you have this much concentrated energy in this kind of arrangement you have to expect something of major significance to come out of it. Mars/Zeus suggests something unexpected and possibly explosive. Major events have
    occured in the past with a VOC Moon. Mars reinforced with Dheneb suggests something having to do with military conflict.

    • Tuesday
      March 26, 2013

      Hi Al,
      Yes, I think it is quite an explosive full moon. I will be interested to see if anything happens tomorrow evening (Australian time) while Venus is in Cazimi. Also the 4 day window following the moon.

      • Al
        March 27, 2013

        Thanks mate!

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