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April 2013 planetary happenings

All dates and times are based on Australian Eastern Standard time

The new moon this month will be on 10 April at 20 degrees and 41 minutes of Aries. 7.35pm.

The full moon will be on 26 April at 5 degrees 46 minutes of Scorpio. This is a partial lunar Eclipse. 5.57am 

The planets this month

The Sun starts the month turning onto 11 Aries to conjunct or kiss Venus, and travels to 10 degrees Taurus by the end of the month.

Mercury is at 13 Pisces is still in shadow period from his recent retrograde. Mercury comes out of shadow on 6 April and finishes the month at 25 Aries.

Venus begins the month cuddling up to the Sun at 11 Aries and travel to 18 Taurus by months end.

Mars starts off the month at 14 Aries and travels to 7 Taurus through April.

Jupiter again is being “yodded” by Saturn and Pluto at the start of the month, before finally ending all that (after several months of moving in and out of this particular yod pattern. Jupiter finishes the month at 17 Gemini. (just out of shadow period).

Saturn is retrograde at 10 and 9 and 8  degrees of Scorpio throughout the month.

Uranus starts the month in party mode with Venus, the Sun and Mars at 8 Aries and heads to 10 Aries by months end.

Neptune remains at 4 Pisces throughout the month.

Pluto starts April at 11 Capricorn and turns retrograde on 13 April (just after the new moon) and remains retrograde on this degree throughout the month.

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