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sky thought 10 July Greta Garbo moments

Tuesday has been having a Greta Garbo moment. Her whereabouts have had her pondering. Saturn in Scorpio perhaps has had her restructuring her psyche and stuff  as it has been retrograded (in Scorpio) in her 12th house. Saturn has been retro since February.  See this article for an explanation of that little phenomenon  https://tuesdayastrology.wordpress.com/2013/02/19/saturn-retrograde-february-2013/


Anyway since Greta Garbo somehow got into the thread of this post, I decided to look up her astrology chart.

So here it is

Greta Garbo Chart

Note to self for later: Investigate Fixed Star Regulus a bit more. I notice that Greta’s North Node, the karmic point of evolutionary development is at 29 Leo – the position of Regulus. This fixed star is said to bestow great fame and fortune. Marilyn Monroe had her Black Moon Lilith there. See here for more information on Marilyn’s chart.

One comment on “sky thought 10 July Greta Garbo moments

    July 11, 2013

    Thank you for sharing Greta Garbo’s natal chart. She has the largest 12th house I’ve ever seen, and with an Aries interception.

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