Tuesday Astrology

surfing on through the skies

sky thought 17 July water magic, water, magic

Just get a look at the Double Grand Trine in the skies. In water signs.

Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune in the same degree across the water trinity, which will remain in formation through the upcoming full moon. A grand trine involving these planets in water is exceedingly rare.  Inspiration, big plans, higher thoughts and the ability to manifest them into the concrete.

The North Node, retrograde Mercury and Chiron are across 13/14 degrees of the water signs too. This time seems fated. There is wounding, but equally healing. Healing of the wounding.  There is potential to magically manifest. That this grand trine goes onto form a kite with the south node (see diagram below) which means what is surfacing now now echoes from past and future ages, lifetimes. Tuning into the collective unconscious will probably occur whether or not we plan for it to.

Everything is connected. And possible.

photo copy 3

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