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Uranus Retrograde July 18 to December 2013

Uranus goes retrograde in Sydney Australia on 18 July at 3.19am in the morning at 12 degrees and 31 minutes of Aries. Uranus will remain in retrograde until mid December.

Here is a chart for the first minute Uranus is retrograde:

Uranus Retrograde July 18 2013

Uranus is the God of the Sky. He is about  insight, flashes of awareness, surprises, unexpected happenings, rebellion, humanitarianism,the unusual,  invention, brilliance and eccentricity.  Uranus is not good or bad (no planet is for that matter). He is changeable though, rather radical and able to grasp the big picture, even if just for a few moments at times.

Retrograde planets can seem to operate more deeply. But their effects are no less potent than when they are in direct motion, especially in this retrograde period considering the big aspects Uranus is involved in.  See these words on the meaning of planets retrograde.

Uranus has been in Aries since May 2010 and will be there until May 2018. Aries is about fire, initiation, pure creativity, energy, leadership, courage, assertiveness and vigour. Aries ruling planet is Mars, and the colour associated with Aries is red. Not a quiet sign by any means.

Uranus makes several big aspects during this retrograde period. He dances in quincunx with the north node in Scorpio through August and September causing some friction, though this is not necessarily a bad thing, it can indicate creative strain or stress.  He squares off with Jupiter in Cancer in late August (big ideas, perhaps radicalism), intense Black moon Lilith  in Cancer in September (intense feminine issues, change).   Uranus  exactly quincunxes Saturn in early October which could feel a little thwarting or alternatively explosive – (think tsunami’s) before coming into exact square with Pluto and remaining so such for a good month (which is part of the  square dance between these two outer planets which will be with us until 2015 – again expect global issues to do with the economy and nature attempting to stabilise earth imbalances).

Overall, the aspects Uranus makes in the coming 6 months are big. Big for the world, and big on a personal level. Because Uranus is in retrograde motion in this period, the aspects may play out on an internal level. World events will still be big, but they might be under the radar for a time.

Uranus goes direct in Sydney, Australia in the early hours of December 18 at 8 degrees of Aries. Any changes which haven’t manifested, but have been brewing are likely to begin manifesting at this time, and through next year to April, when Uranus returns to where he went retrograde (in the chart above).

To find out how you might be impacted, check where Uranus is currently transiting your natal chart. You can also check where Uranus is in relation to your Sun Sign for general clues on how you might be impacted on an ego level.

Check your Uranus Retrograde horoscope here

2 comments on “Uranus Retrograde July 18 to December 2013

  1. Tuesday
    July 19, 2013

    Thank you Al – your feedback is so appreciated. I hope you’re well – I must check out the Sabian Symbols for the 8-12 Aries degrees. Bless, Tuesday

  2. Al
    July 19, 2013

    Excellent article! Thanks, Tuesday!

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