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Eclipses in 2014

Eclipses in 2014, Sydney Australia

Lunar Eclipse April 15  at Libra 25° 16′    

Libra is the Cardinal Air sign, and is ruled by Venus. 

Solar Eclipse April 29  at Taurus 08° 51′

Taurus is the Fixed Earth sign and is ruled by Venus. 

Lunar Eclipse October 8 at Aries 15° 05′

Aries is the Cardinal FIre sign and is ruled by Mars.

Solar Eclipse October 24 at Scorpio 00° 25′

Scorpio is the Fixed Water sign and is ruled by Pluto, with its traditional ruler being Mars.


This year we have 2 eclipses ruled by Venus and one  ruled by Mars and the other ruled by Pluto, but traditionally Mars.

What is interesting about this pattern is that both Venus and Mars spend part of 2014 retrograde. Venus is retrograde as 2014 starts until31 January, and Mars is retrograde from March 1 to May 19. 

Some quick stuff about eclipses and how to ponder their impact on your chart personally (or for that matter any horoscope chart)……

To understand how an eclipse might take personal effect, it is worth understanding the landscape of the skies at the particular eclipse. 

If you know your chart, check the position of the eclipse against your natal chart.

Check the house of your chart the eclipse lands in.  

Check to see if the eclipse falls within 5 degrees of any planet or angle or personal chart point, for example the nodes.

If your time of birth is accurate, check to see if the eclipse falls on a house cusp (I use the Placidus or Koch house systems)

The closer to the point of your chart that an eclipse falls the stronger the activation of the energies will be. 

If a point in your chart is activated, think about how you express that planet or what plays out through the chart point generally. Then blend the eclipse energy with those functions. So for example, a solar eclipse in Taurus is exactly conjunct your Mercury  in the 5th house. And Mercury in the 5th is exactly sextile to Venus and Saturn in your 7th house. This energy blend will play out according to your life circumstances and your choices. You could have a burst of creativity, with someone who can really help you entering into an agreement to represent you. You might meet a new love interest who is older than you, you might decide to get married. You might have an affair to play out issues in a restrictive relationship. You might get pregnant.  You might be having serious discussions about a child’s future, or the future of a relationship. You might enter play therapy. The overall point is, you will plant seeds and play out energies which enable you to express your lively Mercury in Aries in the creative 5th house with friendly support from the realm of partnership. Because Saturn is positively involved it can mean long term commitments, ventures and partnerships are well placed to flourish.

EVERYTHING must be considered within the context of your chart, and the condition of the planets and points in it. EVERYTHING must also be considered within the context of your life. For one person, a solar eclipse falling on their well aspected Venus in the 10th house might mean they get a career boost/public recognition as an artist, or it might be a time where they decide to get married or become a parent. For another person the same eclipse falling on their Venus in the 6th house squared by Pluto from the 12th might mean a health challenge or a loss of job. Conversely it might mean they transform their workplace as a union delegate or via subterfuge.  

Considering how the eclipses impact your chart personally in 2014, is an excellent start to understanding your personal *weather report* or forecast for 2014.

Where do the eclipses impact you?

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