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Jupiter prepares to leave Cancer, and words on exaltation

Jupiter has been in Cancer since late June 2013 and will head into Leo on July 16, 2014. In traditional astrology Jupiter is exalted in the sign of Cancer. The concept of exaltation in simple terms means “functions well in, reaps benefits from”. Jupiter is associated with Sagittarius and traditionally Pisces. Yet Jupiter is associated with fire enrgy. Cancer, the water sign ruled by the moon is symbolic of mother energy – nurturing, intuitive and emotional. How then can it be that traditionally boisterous, truth seeking, party planet Jupiter was exalted and functioned optimally in the crab sign? If we think about Jupiter in the traditional sense being the ruler of Pisces, the all encompassing water sign, then we can link the truth seeking and philosophical side of Jupiter to the Piscean connection to the whole – the intangible mysteries of the universe. What a playground for truth seeking Jupiter – endless exploration of whole. But even trailblazing explorers need some steadying sometimes. Jupiter can get carried away, bumble down the wrong path and be simply too over the top sometimes – and run the risk of magnifying or distorting things all out of proportion. In Cancer Jupiter finds some stability. There is still access to the playground of eternal mysteries of the ether, thanks to the easy flowing trine energy between Cancer and Pisces. But there is also the steadying influence of nurturing, steady containment, the Cancerian mother energy providing a comfortable home for boisterious Jupiter. Having spent just over a year recharging through quietly exploring the deeper mysteries of the ether, Jupiter is preparing to enter the realm of outward trailblazing, action and adventure in fellow fire sign Leo and sprinkle his magical self and ideas about in a much more direct and joyful manner. There may also be a party or three in the works. Courtesy of NASA here is what Jupiter sounds like: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e3fqE01YYWs

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