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Sagittarius: Your 2015 Sun Sign Horoscope

There are dual themes running through your horoscope this year Sagittarius. On one hand Saturn planet of karma, reconstruction and lessons has just entered your sign for a two and a half year stay. This is not necessarily the most joyful influence for Sagittarius, but it will support you to build solid foundations for the next 28 years of your life! Indeed, if you are aged roughly 29 or 56, this is your Saturn return period. It is important to honour yourself and what you truly desire so that you can go about building it. The second set of influences provide fortunate opportunities in travel, education, love and your dreams in the world.  Your ruling planet Jupiter graces your 9th house of international travel, belief, publishing and higher education until August, and Venus (love and money) joins this zone for an unusually long visit from June 6. Anything involving far horizons has exceptionally fortuitous energy in this period. From August, Jupiter moves into your career and life goal zone creating mega opportunities which enable you to make your mark on the world. September is a stand out month with a solar eclipse ushering in a new 18 year cycle in this area too. Eccentric Uranus remains in your 5th house of love, children and creativity ensuring you will not be bored this year, and 2 lunar eclipses impacting this zone mark exceptionally significant times in your love life. Pluto continues to transform your finances over many years, and with Saturn in your sign the first half of the year in particular could feel a little up and down financially, however if you make efforts rewards will come – they just may not be instant. There are more opportunities to make money flow in the second half of the year. In 2015, Saturn provides the stability to keep your feet on the ground so that you are truly able to take long term advantage of the exceptional opportunities which come your way.

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Sagittarius woman: Betty Grable

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