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Aquarius: Your 2015 Sun Sign Horoscope

2015 is a cracker of a year for you Aquarius, with themes of new beginnings and partnerships starred. The year begins with Venus and (rarely) 2 new moons in your sign, signifying huge amounts of energy for new starts in the first 2 months of the year. Fortunate and expansive Jupiter begins the year in your 7th house of partners and will be there until August 12. On June 6 Venus, planet attraction, love, art and money heads into this zone for an unusually long stay of over 4 months. Your powers of attraction are at their peak throughout most of the year. It is the year for new alliances, collaborations and partnerships. Lunar eclipses impact your zones of communication and travel and unusual opportunities could arise these areas. Saturn has moved on from your 10th house of career, which indicates that the last couple of years has seen re-evaluation in these areas – 2015 is the time to make any changes, even take risks in relation to life goals, as the skies will certainly support your aspirations. Your unconscious is transforming over the long term, and spiritual trials you may have endured over the in prior years can be put to rest through 2015. It is important to believe in yourself and put energy into your hopes. From August 12 Jupiter heads into your zone of shared investments – so financial gains come through collaboration, and your confidence to ask for what you need. This is truly a magical year, so make the effort to dream and follow through and you should be able to manifest your desires.


Aquarius woman: Lana Turner

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