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Aries: Your 2015 Sun Sign horoscope

At the turn of the New Year, your ruling planet Mars in eccentric Aquarius is in exact opposition to larger than life Jupiter in Leo, promising a big year ahead. There may be a bit of financial tension as the year begins, but new business and creative opportunities abound this year. In the first couple of months unexpected past interests surface, particularly relationships, so think carefully before opening up a situation again.  Early March is a fated time for creative pursuits, children and romance. These energies peak in April with a lunar eclipse in your house of partners (and open enemies) at the beginning of the month. This is followed by a new moon in your own sign at months end. Lucky Jupiter is in your house of joy, creativity, romance and children until until mid August, which bodes brilliantly for developments in these areas. To add to this planet of money and love Venus, spends over 4 months in this same area! Truly a most fortuitous time.  Jupiter moves into your house of work, health and pets for the rest of the year, so a new job, pet or health regime will go well. There is a caveat here however as through September Jupiter is opposite dreamy Neptune – so take your time with decisions in these areas as there is a month of fogginess before Jupiter weaves his magic in this area. Saturn is in Sagittarius through most of 2015 and this is in your 9th house of higher learning, international travel and belief, so you might get seriously committed in one of these areas over the next few years. and With unpredictable and exciting Uranus gracing your sign until 2019 your path on the planet is being shaken up, so be open and prepared for opportunities which come your way for there will be plenty in 2015.


Aries lady: Bette Davis

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