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Cancer: Your 2015 Sun Sign Horoscope

Planet of structure, karma an re-ordering, Saturn entered your house of work and health just prior to the start of 2015, so the next couple of years sees these areas of your life re-forming. Add to this unpredictable Uranus in your 10th house of career bringing up past issues for resolution and unexpected changes and  your working life will look very different by years end.  Your home is set for some changes as well starting form April. With significant energy in your zone of communication throughout 2015, how you interact with others will shape all of these changes. Jupiter spends the first half of the year in your house of finance and self worth, bringing luck and abundance to these matters. Venus also graces this part of your horoscope for over 4 months from early June so the benefic planet of love, art and money will weave its magic through this zone for an unusually long period.  Transformation happens with and through partners and allies with powerful Pluto opposite your sign for the long haul. There is an element of the unexpected in relation to your connections with others so try and keep a longer term perspective in mind – things will eventually become clear.  A new moon occurs in your sign on July 16th, and a full moon on Christmas day 2015 promises that your efforts this year come to fruition.


Cancer woman: Ginger Rogers

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