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Capricorn: Your 2015 Sun Sign Horoscope

Pluto continues to transform you for the long term, and courtesy of the pattern of squares with Uranus since 2012, there have been pushes and shoves on your path which have highlighted your strengths and resilience. This series of squares with Uranus concludes after March, which eases some of the challenges of the last couple of years, so hang in there!. It is highly likely that you have developed personal resources to meet challenges which ` sets you up well for the future.  Planet Saturn which has a karmic, serious effect has renovated your house of hopes, wishes, friends and networks over the last couple of years too. This has been opposite your 5th house of romance, children and creativity.  Now that Saturn has moved away from this zone, your hopes in these areas are much easier to manifest as major lessons have been learnt.  In May Venus traverses your opposite sign, Cancer and forms a powerful connection with Pluto in your sign later in the month,  so expect matters of partnership to be front and centre at this time. With Lunar eclipses this year impacting your home and career fronts, you can expect some major and perhaps unexpected developments in these areas which alter your path for the long term. Relocation is possible with real estate well aspected for gain. Shared investments are fortunate for the first part of the year and Venus also spends over 4 months in this zone from June 6, so you attract resources – material and otherwise through your alliances with others. From August Jupiter  moves into your 9th house, starting a year long period where belief in yourself will take you very far indeed – an excellent period for higher study, long distance travel and contacts, and also fortunate in terms of settling legal matters.

Marlene Dietrich

Capricorn woman: Marlene Deitreich

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