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Gemini: Your 2015 Sun Sign Horoscope

Planet of karma, time and structure, Saturn entered your opposite sign of Sagittarius just prior to the start of the year. Saturn in your house of the *other”, calls you to address who you *really are* via relationship – with a partner, enemy, counsellor or the world in general. This is an excellent time for committing to long term relationships as commitments made under a Saturn transit are generally long lasting. Conversely, if a relationship has run it’s course or is not working this period is one where you can decide to go your separate ways. An important part of relationship is the relationship we have with ourselves,  over the next couple of years Gemini has the opportunity to examine deeply the mysteries and karmic nature of relationship. If this all sounds a little heavy for fabulous and flirty Gemini, there are also plenty of less heavy aspects in 2015. Venus is your zone of communication for over 4 months mid year graces you with the ability to communicate better than ever. This is  also a great transit for writers.  Unpredictable planet Uranus is in your 11th house of friends, hopes, wishes and groups, so expect unusual and interesting times on a social level. Also be careful what you wish for, because sometimes Uranus in the 11th house grants wishes in a flash! From August 12 lucky Jupiter moves into your zone of family and home, so changes to your home environment – whether they be in the form of material possessions/decoration or an addition to the family are very well starred. There is a new moon (good for beginnings) in your sign on 16 June and a full moon in your sign on 29 November.hbz-marilyn-monroe-01-7z0lrV-promo-xln

Gemini woman: Marilyn Monroe

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