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Leo: Your 2015 Sun Sign Horoscope

Until August, you have expansive Jupiter in your sign, so goals, ventures and travel can be enjoyed and lucky for you. Jupiter in Leo began in 2014 ushering in a new 12 year cycle for you, so 2015 is about building on this and starting to put longer term structures in place to capitalise on the fabulous gifts Jupiter bestows. Saturn just entered your 5th house of joy, creativity, romance and children, so long term commitments might be in the offing with any of these pursuits – the key to planet of time, karma and structure Saturn is to have a solid plan in place and the next couple of years see you formulating a serious course of action in one or more of these areas. To support this process Venus, planet of attraction, love and money, spends an unusually long period in your sign from June 6 – over 4 months. Your “pulling power” is exceptional in the period.  In 2015 travel is well starred for you, as is study and deep consideration of your beliefs – thanks to the eclipses of April and September you might experience unexpected events or changes in these areas. A change of course is not at all bad, but wait for the dust to settle before making a change which will be difficult to reverse at these times. From August 12 Jupiter enters your zone of finance and self worth, so it is possible for you to use your talents to make money in the latter part of the year and into 2016.


Leo Woman: Maureen O’Hara

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