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Libra: Your 2015 Sun Sign Horoscope

2015 continues to be a year of change for Libra with the eclipse series continuing to impact your sign. In early April there is a Lunar eclipse in your own sign, and in late September one in your sign of partners. Lunar eclipses promise profound change, comings and goings, unexpected opportunities and events that we *did not see coming*. The skies are conspiring to alter your path on the planet and this is one of your most significant years of this decade. With unconventional Uranus continuing his long term journey in your 7th house of relating, the theme of unexpected change continues, particularly with regard to your long term love life, partners, business partners and your relationships with the world in general. People and circumstances of the past arise in these areas giving you opportunities to reconsider things which you thought were lost.  The North Node of evolutionary growth is continuing its journey through your sign for most of the year, so you are called to raise your consciousness to manifest the best possible life for yourself. Jupiter graces your career or most public zone through until August 12 making the first part of  the year is an excellent time to shine at what you do best. Venus will also spend over 4 months in this area of your horoscope from June 6, making it a fortuitous time to seek a career change, ask for a pay rise or make your special mark on the world. Do not be shy – feedback from others will be worth it.   From August, lucky and expansive Jupiter slips into your most secret area of the horoscope to support you on an unconscious level through this year of change. In 2016 Jupiter enters your sign, marking the joyful and abundant start of a new 12 year cycle.


Libra woman: Rita Hayworth

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