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Scorpio: Your 2015 Sun Sign Horoscope

2015 is lighter for Scorpio, courtesy of Saturn having left your sign just prior to the start of the year. The last two and a half years have been about re-forming yourself in some way, as personal karma, lessons and challenges rose up making you face them. Saturn has now moved into your 2nd house of personal resources and self worth, making it an excellent period for solid financial gain, and for opportunities to make use of your skills and talents. Lucky Jupiter is lighting up your 10th house of career and standing in the world through until August which augers well for manifesting career and life goals – a fortunate period indeed. On June 6 planet of attraction in love and money, Venus graces this area of your solar chart for a rare extended period of over 4 months, another sign that your goals and career aspirations come to fruition. In August Jupiter moves on to your 11th house of networking, hopes, wishes and friends ushering in a most social 12 month period. March and September look good for romance with new moon solar eclipses across your zones of joy and networking – creative pursuits and children also receive a boost of energy at this time. Neptune remains for he long term in this zone too, so defining the truth amongst all the inspiration is an ongoing theme. December is a month when your personal attraction powers are peaking – be careful what you wish for as you may just get it! Lunar eclipses this year impact your daily work, health and your deep spiritual self. There may be unexpected happenings in these areas, but big opportunities for positive growth into the future. A year when you can make your mark in the world.


Scorpio woman: Hedy Lamarr

Note: Hedy Lamarr was one of the inventors of wireless technology.

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