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Taurus: Your 2015 Sun Sign Horoscope

Now that the last couple of years has seen you restructure your relationships with others, and your relationship with the world generally, 2015 has a a calmer (for better or worse) grace about it with regard to relationships in general. You are more aware of what you bring to relationships as well as having a deeper understanding of what you want and need from others. Saturn has entered your 8th house of shared resources for a two and a half year stay so expect matters to do with deep connection, investments and shared resources to be areas of development. This year is well starred for family and home pursuits and lucky for “finding your home” – on a deep level. There are seriously fated happenings with regard to how you spend your days – how and what you work at daily is up for serious consideration. Anything which is not working in this area will re-form in 2015, so go with any changes you have been yearning to make. On August 12, lucky Jupiter enters your 5th house of creativity, children, romance and *risk taking* for a 1 year stay. This is a fantastic energy, so should you be hoping for a creative venture to take off, a new romance to appear or welcoming a child into your family the energy is joyful. On May 18 a new moon occurs in your sign, an ideal time to for making your wishes known to the universe. The end of October a full moon occurs in your sign, so be prepared for the culmination of your wishes at this time.images-1

Taurus woman: Audrey Hepburn

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