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The planets in 2015: Jupiter

Jupiter is about luck, optimism, faith and manifestation. Jupiter is expansive, big, deeply searching for higher meaning, a  bit naughty, quite Santa Claus, over the top, fun and certainly about belief, learning, shooting for the stars – our dreams,  and absolute optimism, even when things seem hopeless. Jupiter can be excessive, overindulgent (“yes a third helping of tiramisu would be lovely, can I have a brandy with that?”) and irresponsible. Jupiter can facilitate our joy when we have faith even when there is no reason to, it can protect us when we are flying in the wind with no back up plan, and protect us when we have done something stupid which might cause us harm. Jupiter spends approximately 1 year in each of the 12 signs of the zodiac, and is the ruler of Sagittarius.

Jupiter in 2015 Jupiter begins the year at 21 degrees of Leo. Jupiter went retrograde on 10 December at 22 degrees Leo.

For information on what the meaning of planets retrograde is go here: https://tuesdayastrology.com/2013/01/24/quick-thought-on-planets-retrograde/

Jupiter is opposite Mars at this time and in a t-square configuration with the moon. While this t-square is a slightly ominous energy to commence the year with, Jupiter’s role in this regard is to expand the energy, as opposed to adding any harshness.

Jupiter is trine Uranus on March 1 and Jupiter is in a fated “finger of god” configuration with Pluto and Chiron at the same time. Unusual religious news/downfall of structures . Because the Pluto Uranus square is also exact at this time and about to be triggered by Mars which is all rather explosive, Jupiter may have an expansive energy. Conversely Jupiter may have a protective role. Either way – expect significant happenings in March.

Jupiter goes direct on April 9 at 12 degrees of Leo and revisits in forward motion the same territory until July when he comes “out of shadow” and spends the next few weeks completing his journey through Leo.

On August 12 Jupiter enters Virgo for the first time in 12 years and opposes Neptune just over a month later. Neptune and Jupiter only come into opposition every 12 years. Neptune is dreaming, inspiration and illusion and with expansive Jupiter holding a mirror to this energy, mid September is a time for dreaming big and praying for those things we wish to manifest.The only caveat here, is that “sure things” can be illusions. So not the optimum time for betting the house or promising happily ever after to someone you have just met. Wait and see how things pan out.

On 12 October, Jupiter trines Pluto with Mars feeding into this energy also in trine. This makes early to mid October a powerful time, particularly for practical endeavours – perhaps the ones dreamt about in August? This is big energy so what is set in course at this time can have long reaching effects.

Jupiter opposes Chiron in early November, offering the opportunity to clear our inner psyche. Jupiter teaches us at this time that our wounds are just opportunities for healing so we can embark on the next stages in our journey to evolve.

Jupiter finishes the year at 23 Virgo, conjunct the north node – the point of evolutionary development highlighting yet again that if we step boldly into conscious development which will be necessary for our future survival, the god of the gods will be sure to protect us on our journey and throw some delicious fun our way.  With Chiron close to opposite configuration – the symbolism is clear that staying in our old ways of being will not work.

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