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The planets in 2015: Mars

Mars, the ancient god of war,  represents primal energy –  our inner drive, sexual drive and our conscious and unconscious efforts – self assertion and anger/aggression.  Mars energy can be explosive. Mars is essentially our core energetic power and the embodiment of action. Mars rules the head, adrenal system and sex organs. Mars is the ruling planet of Aries, and prior to the discovery of Pluto ruled Scorpio.

Mars spends around 6 weeks in each sign of the zodiac. In 2015 Mars is direct throughout the year.

Wherever Mars appears in your chart there is an extra injection of energy to draw upon. When Mars is transiting your 2nd house for example, there can be a welcome boost to your income, self assertiveness and confidence. If Mars is going into your 10th house – it might be an excellent time to apply for a new job or start a business.

Some Mars matters to watch for in 2015

Mars begins 2015 at 21 Aquarius, ushering in the New Year with an exact opposition to Jupiter in Leo, both being squared by the Taurus moon. This t-square is not entirely comfortable, so the god of war begins 2015 under stress. Aquarius is about technology and innovation, Taurus is about security and Jupiter makes things big. Collectively, are we secure as the year begins – are we using technology for good, are we safe? If the turn of the year is a symbol for year ahead, it is worth noting that this New Year t-square is again triggered in May when Mars

Mars triggers the ongoing Pluto Uranus square from 8 – 16 March due to his conjunction with Uranus at 15 Aries. This is a most stressful and possibly explosive time. Take extra care if you have planets or points at mid cardinal signs – Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn.

Mars square of with Uranus again in late July – Pluto has backed of a bit from his ongoing square with Uranus, but this late July configuration again looks to be about security and identity. I would expect some rumblings – and as mars is in a grand water trine involving Chiron at this time for  news to do with the sea/challenges to do with collective healing.

Mars end the year at 28 degrees of Libra.

The above are just a couple of the edgy movements of Mars for 2015. It is worth noting that Mars will provide much energy towards achieving action and goals in 2015 – check to see where Mars is transiting your chart each month to find out what parts of your life receive a boost of energy.


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