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The planets in 2015: Mercury

Mercury is related to communication, translation, thinking, wit, the mind, facts, bits of information,  trickery and deception – I sometimes think of Mercury as a little bit of a naughty child when not handled with grace. Mercury rules everyday communications of all kinds -speech, letters, phone calls, emails, translating.  It also is related to cars, the local neighbourhood, siblings, short trips and magicians, perhaps due to a perceived trickiness. Physically, Mercury is related to hands, fingers and nervous system – including the brain. Mercury is a very cerebral “thinking” energy and is somewhat detached emotionally, or has a tendency to intellectualise emotions.

The winged messenger goes retrograde 3 times a year. When Mercury is retrograde there is the distinct possibility that Mercury matters will be mixed up – missed phone calls, unclear communication, travel delays, computers breaking down, your printer running out of toner at the exact moment you are on deadline to get something printed and posted etc…

For more information on Mercury retrograde see here: https://tuesdayastrology.com/2013/02/11/mercuryretrograde/

In 2015 these period are:

22 January to 12 February in Aquarius. Note that Mercury is not “out of shadow” until 4 March. Watch for hiccups or happenings with technology.

19 May to 12 June in Gemini. Mercury is not “out of shadow” until 27 June. Note the potential for mixed messages.

16 September until 9 October in Libra but not “out of shadow” until 24 October. Clear communication in relationships is key at this time.

– “out of shadow” means that Mercury has caught up to where he started to go retrograde. When Mercury comes out of shadow the direct motion of the energy is back in full swing.

Mercury is retrograde in the Air signs this year which signals that the mischievous winged god is more comfortable than when he in other signs. Watch for the effects of Mercury retrograde periods to be particularly strong.

To explore how Mercury effects you during retrograde periods check where the Air signs fall in your chart.

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