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The planets in 2015: Saturn

Saturn is the planet which represents structure, responsibility,  commitment, constriction or limitations,  karma, lessons, hard work, boundaries and often indicates where we need to think about setting hard limits. It is not “unlucky” but it does indicate where we might need to face reality and come up with a solid plan in order to evolve.

Wherever Saturn is found in the natal horoscope points to where we need to grow up, commit to learning lessons, perhaps face fears or experience the sometimes uncomfortable feeling that developing our skills and strengths in this area brings. Saturn could indicate a delay in the area of life it represents in the horoscope. But do not forget that Saturn, like the goat climbing the mountain, always gets there in the end. If we commit to working through Saturn, any frustration we feel can be addressed and alleviated.

Saturn is the ruling planet of Capricorn and rules the bones, teeth and skin.

Wherever Saturn transits the horoscope is where we need to apply a type of restructure to the area being scrutinised by the god of time, where we need to grow up and  do some serious work. Rewards come when we apply ourselves and face the lessons of time, karma and persistence.

Saturn in 2015

Saturn entered Sagittarius on 24 December 2014, and will remain in Sagittarius until`21 December 2017. The last time Saturn was in Sagittarius was 1985-1988. 

As 2015 begins, Saturn is at 0 degrees and will travel to 4 (nearly 5) degrees of Sagittarius until March 15 when he begins his regular yearly retrograde period – going back over his recent travels.

Saturn dips back into Scorpio to tie up loose ends travelling to 28 Scorpio until he goes direct on August 2, enters Sagitarrius in mid September and continues journeying to 11 degrees of Sagittarius by year’s end.

On a personal level, Saturn has spent the last couple of years re-ordering the lives of people with fixed energy prominent in their charts – Taurus, Leo, Aquarius and Scorpio. Through 2015-7 mutable signs have the task of restructuring their place on the planet. This applies to people with Gemini, Virgo,  Sagittarius and Pisces featured in their charts.

However, everyone has Sagittarius somewhere in their horoscope, and this is the area that will present challenges, karmic occurrences which rise up to be fixed, and where work will be required. If we commit to the necessary work, we come out the other side of a Saturn renovation with a brand new start.

Some key Saturn times for 2015 are:

When Saturn square Jupiter and Venus in early August. Watch for excessiveness in this period, as Saturn could throw a dampener on things, especially anything which seems too good to be true.

Saturn spends a month in easy trine with the south node (evolutionary point of the past) in Aries and therefore in sextile to the North Node. While this is an harmonious aspect in many respects, it seems like a time when the karmic past easily comes to the fore – the south node is at 1 and then 0 Aries at this time – a powerful point in the horoscope. We have an opportunity to resolve deep past issues at this time. With Saturn it is wise to address whatever comes up, as otherwise it will remain just under the surface, niggling away for many moons.

In late November, Saturn squares Neptune, planet of inspiration and illusion. Harsh realities come to light. Rose coloured glasses suddenly become clear. Mars exacerbates this aspect via quincunx to Neptune. Truly the veils are lifted. This all happens at 7 degrees if Sagittarius/Pisces, – so again the mutable signs are in direct line for this energy. Mars is in Libra – so physical energy may feel foggy or sluggish during this period.

Saturn finishes the year at 11 Sagittarius, building up for a trine/easy flowing energy aspect in early 2016 to unpredictable Uranus.

A wise old astrologer once advised me to embrace Saturn, or lessons as they come. Good advice.

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