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2015 Sun Sign Horoscope – all signs

2015 Sun sign horoscopes consider how the energy of the year impacts your Sun sign, which is your ego or “I energy”. Your Sun sign describes the *hero in you*, your primary essence – kind of like your astrological nationality. It is important to remember that a true forecast for the year ahead would also consider the other planets and how they are placed in your chart. If you know your rising sign, read that too. If you know your moon sign, consider the horoscope for that sign from an emotional or feeling perspective.

Aries At the turn of the New Year, your ruling planet Mars in eccentric Aquarius is in exact opposition to larger than life Jupiter in Leo, promising a big year ahead. There may be a bit of financial tension as the year begins, but new business and creative opportunities abound this year. In the first couple of months unexpected past interests surface, particularly relationships, so think carefully before opening up a situation again.  Early March is a fated time for creative pursuits, children and romance. These energies peak in April with a lunar eclipse in your house of partners (and open enemies) at the beginning of the month. This is followed by a new moon in your own sign at months end. Lucky Jupiter is in your house of joy, creativity, romance and children until until mid August, which bodes brilliantly for developments in these areas. To add to this planet of money and love Venus, spends over 4 months in this same area! Truly a most fortuitous time.  Jupiter moves into your house of work, health and pets for the rest of the year, so a new job, pet or health regime will go well. There is a caveat here however as through September Jupiter is opposite dreamy Neptune – so take your time with decisions in these areas as there is a month of fogginess before Jupiter weaves his magic in this area. Saturn is in Sagittarius through most of 2015 and this is in your 9th house of higher learning, international travel and belief, so you might get seriously committed in one of these areas over the next few years. and with unpredictable and exciting Uranus gracing your sign until 2019 doing a square dance with transformative Pluto your path on the planet is being shaken up, so be open and prepared for opportunities which come your way for there will be plenty in 2015.

Taurus Now that the last couple of years has seen you restructure your relationships with others, and your relationship with the world generally, 2015 has a a calmer (for better or worse) grace about it with regard to relationships in general. You are more aware of what you bring to relationships as well as having a deeper understanding of what you want and need from others. Saturn has entered your 8th house of shared resources for a two and a half year stay so expect matters to do with deep connection, investments and shared resources to be areas of development. This year is well starred for family and home pursuits and lucky for “finding your home” – on a deep level. There are seriously fated happenings with regard to how you spend your days – how and what you work at daily is up for serious consideration. Anything which is not working in this area will re-form in 2015, so go with any changes you have been yearning to make. On August 12, lucky Jupiter enters your 5th house of creativity, children, romance and *risk taking* for a 1 year stay. This is a fantastic energy, so should you be hoping for a creative venture to take off, a new romance to appear or welcoming a child into your family the energy is joyful. On May 18 a new moon occurs in your sign, an ideal time to for making your wishes known to the universe. The end of October a full moon occurs in your sign, so be prepared for the culmination of your wishes at this time.

Gemini Planet of karma, time and structure, Saturn entered your opposite sign of Sagittarius just prior to the start of the year. Saturn in your house of the *other”, calls you to address who you *really are* via relationship – with a partner, enemy, counselor or the world in general. This is an excellent time for committing to long term relationships as commitments made under a Saturn transit are generally long lasting. An important part of relationship is the relationship we have with ourselves,  over the next couple of years Gemini has the opportunity to examine deeply the mysteries and karmic nature of relationship. If this all sounds a little heavy for fabulous and flirty Gemini, there are also plenty of less heavy aspects in 2015. Venus is your zone of communication for over 4 months mid year graces you with the ability to communicate better than ever. This is  also a great transit for writers.  Unpredictable planet Uranus is in your 11th house of friends, hopes, wishes and groups, so expect unusual and interesting times on a social level. Also be careful what you wish for, because sometimes Uranus in the 11th house grants wishes in a flash! From August 12 lucky Jupiter moves into your zone of family and home, so changes to your home environment – whether they be in the form of material possessions/decoration or an addition to the family are very well starred. There is a new moon (good for beginnings) in your sign on 16 June and a full moon in your sign on 29 November.

Cancer Planet of structure, karma and re-ordering, Saturn entered your house of work and health just prior to the start of 2015, so the next couple of years sees these areas of your life re-forming. Add to this unpredictable Uranus in your 10th house of career bringing up past issues for resolution and unexpected changes and  your working life will look very different by years end.  Your home is set for some changes as well starting form April. With significant energy in your zone of communication throughout 2015, how you interact with others will shape all of these changes. Jupiter spends the first half of the year in your house of finance and self worth, bringing luck and abundance to these matters. Venus also graces this part of your horoscope for over 4 months from early June so the benefic planet of love, art and money will weave its magic through this zone for an unusually long period.  Transformation happens with and through partners and allies with powerful Pluto opposite your sign for the long haul. There is an element of the unexpected in relation to your connections with others so try and keep a longer term perspective in mind – things will eventually become clear.  A new moon occurs in your sign on July 16th, and a full moon on Christmas day 2015 promises that your efforts this year come to fruition.

Leo Until August, you have expansive Jupiter in your sign, so goals, ventures and travel can be enjoyed and lucky for you. Jupiter in Leo began in 2014 ushering in a new 12 year cycle for you, so 2015 is about building on this and starting to put longer term structures in place to capitalise on the fabulous opportunities Jupiter bestows. Saturn just entered your 5th house of joy, creativity, romance and children, so long term commitments might be in the offing – the key to planet of time, karma and structure Saturn is to have a solid plan in place and the next couple of years see you formulating a serious course of action in one or more of these areas. To support this process Venus, planet of attraction, love and money, spends an unusually long period in your sign from June 6 – over 4 months. Your “pulling power” is exceptional in the period.  In 2015 travel is well starred for you, as is study and deep consideration of your beliefs, however thanks to the eclipses of April and September you might experience unusual events or influences connected to these things, or be surprised by news and people from far afield. A change of course is not at all bad, but wait for the dust to settle before making a change which will be difficult to reverse at these times. From August 12 Jupiter enters your zone of finance and self worth, so it is possible for you to use your talents to make money in the latter part of the year and into 2016.

Virgo Saturn, the planet of karma and serious lessons has recently left your 3rd house of siblings, neighbours and communication, having restructured these elements of your life over the last couple of years. Saturn has now begun his journey through your house of home and family – so expect renovation, real estate, family members relocating, kids flying the coop or a new addition to your family to become serious areas of focus over the next couple of years. Lucky Jupiter enters your sign in August heralding the start of a new 12 year cycle and a year long period where your manifestation powers are at their peak. Jupiter in your sign is joyful, fortunate and abundant. Solar eclipses herald significant beginnings and in March the Pisces solar eclipse in your house of partners bodes well for the start of fruitful endeavours with partners, business alliances and your relationships with others generally. As Neptune remains in a long term transit in this area of your horoscope there is great inspiration to be drawn from others and your environment, but remember to keep your feet on the ground as Neptune can occasionally create mirages.  Wait and see before throwing all caution to the wind. September is the time to sow your intentions for how you wish your life to be over the next decade, with a new moon solar eclipse in your own sign. Lunar eclipses in May and September across the financial and *worth* axis of your horoscope indicate new directions with regard to income and investments, and how you perceive yourself in these areas.  You are in an excellent cycle to discover new sources of financial growth, however the message here is that rewards will come when you take the lead in this area. Investments can be unpredictable, and a “sure thing” may be anything but.With careful consideration of your choices, the skies promise you a very significant year for growth.

Libra 2015 continues to be a year of profound change for Libra with the eclipse series continuing to impact your sign. In early April there is a Lunar eclipse in your own sign, and in late September one in your sign of partners. Lunar eclipses promise profound change, comings and goings, unexpected opportunities and events that we *did not see coming*. The skies are conspiring to alter your path on the planet and this is one of your most significant years of this decade. With unconventional Uranus continuing his long term journey in your 7th house of relating, the theme of unexpected change continues, particularly with regard to your long term love life, partners, business partners and your relationships with the world in general. People and circumstances of the past arise in these areas giving you opportunities to reconsider things which you thought were lost.  The North Node of evolutionary growth is continuing its journey through your sign for most of the year, so you are called to raise your consciousness to manifest the best possible life for yourself. Jupiter graces your career or most public zone through until August 12 making the first part of  the year is an excellent time to shine at what you do best. Venus will also spend over 4 months in this area of your horoscope from June 6, making it a fortuitous time to seek a career change, ask for a pay rise or make your special mark on the world. Do not be shy – feedback from others will be worth it.   From August, lucky and expansive Jupiter slips into your most secret area of the horoscope to support you on an unconscious level through this year of change. In 2016 Jupiter enters your sign, marking the joyful and abundant start of a new 12 year cycle.

Scorpio 2015 is lighter for Scorpio, courtesy of Saturn having left your sign just prior to the start of the year. The last two and a half years have been about re-forming yourself in some way, as personal karma, lessons and challenges rose up making you face them. Saturn has now moved into your 2nd house of personal resources and self worth, making it an excellent period for solid financial gain, and for opportunities to make use of your skills and talents. Lucky Jupiter is lighting up your 10th house of career and standing in the world through until August which augers well for manifesting career and life goals – a fortunate period indeed. On June 6 planet of attraction in love and money, Venus graces this area of your solar chart for a rare extended period of over 4 months, another sign that your goals and career aspirations come to fruition. In August Jupiter moves on to your 11th house of networking, hopes, wishes and friends ushering in a most social 12 month period. March and September look good for romance with new moon solar eclipses across your zones of joy and networking – creative pursuits and children also receive a boost of energy at this time. Neptune remains for he long term in this zone too, so defining the truth amongst all the inspiration is an ongoing theme. December is a month when your personal attraction powers are peaking – be careful what you wish for as you may just get it! Lunar eclipses this year impact your daily work, health and your deep spiritual self. There may be unexpected happenings in these areas, but big opportunities for positive growth into the future. A year when you can make your mark in the world.

Sagittarius There are dual themes running through your horoscope this year Sagittarius. On one hand Saturn planet of karma, reconstruction and lessons has just entered your sign for a two and a half year stay. This is not necessarily the most joyful influence for Sagittarius, but it will support you to build solid foundations for the next 28 years of your life! Indeed, if you are aged roughly 29 or 56, this is your Saturn return period. It is important to honour yourself and what you truly desire so that you can go about building it. The second set of influences provide fortunate opportunities in travel, education, love and your dreams in the world.  Your ruling planet Jupiter graces your 9th house of international travel, belief, publishing and higher education until August, and Venus (love and money) joins this zone for an unusually long visit from June 6. Anything involving far horizons has exceptionally fortuitous energy in this period. From August, Jupiter moves into your career and life goal zone creating mega opportunities which enable you to make your mark on the world. September is a stand out month with a solar eclipse ushering in a new 18 year cycle in this area too. Eccentric Uranus remains in your 5th house of love, children and creativity ensuring you will not be bored this year, and 2 lunar eclipses impacting this zone mark exceptionally significant times in your love life. Pluto continues to transform your finances over many years, and with Saturn in your sign the first half of the year in particular could feel a little up and down financially, however if you make efforts rewards will come – they just may not be instant. There are more opportunities to make money flow in the second half of the year. In 2015, Saturn provides the stability to keep your feet on the ground so that you are truly able to take long term advantage of the exceptional opportunities which come your way.

Capricorn Pluto continues to transform you for the long term, and courtesy of the pattern of squares with Uranus since 2012, there have been pushes and shoves on your path which have highlighted your strengths and resilience. This series of squares with Uranus concludes after March, which eases some of the challenges of the last couple of years, so hang in there!. It is highly likely that you have developed personal resources to meet challenges which ` sets you up well for the future.  Planet Saturn which has a karmic, serious effect has renovated your house of hopes, wishes, friends and networks over the last couple of years too. This has been opposite your 5th house of romance, children and creativity.  Now that Saturn has moved away from this zone, your hopes in these areas are much easier to manifest as major lessons have been learnt. With Lunar eclipses this year impacting your home and career fronts, you can expect some major and perhaps unexpected developments in these areas which alter your path for the long term. Relocation is possible with real estate well aspected for gain. Shared investments are fortunate for the first part of the year and Venus also spends over 4 months in this zone from June 6, so you attract resources – material and otherwise through your alliances with others. From August Jupiter  moves into your 9th house, starting a year long period where belief in yourself will take you very far indeed – an excellent period for higher study, long distance travel and contacts, and also fortunate in terms of settling legal matters.

Aquarius 2015 is a cracker of a year for you Aquarius, with themes of new beginnings and partnerships starred. The year begins with Venus in your sig, and (rarely) 2 new moons in your sign, signifying huge amounts of energy for new starts in the first 2 months of the year. Fortunate and expansive Jupiter begins the year in your 7th house of partners and will be there until August 12. On June 6 Venus, planet attraction, love, art and money heads into this zone for an unusually long stay of over 4 months. Your powers of attraction are at their peak throughout most of the year. It is the year for new alliances, partnerships and marriage could well be on the cards. Lunar eclipses impact your zones of communication and travel and unusual opportunities could arise these areas. Saturn has moved on from your 10th house of career, which indicates that the last couple of years has seen re-evaluation in these areas – 2015 is the time to make any changes, even take risks in relation to life goals, as the skies will certainly support your aspirations. Your unconscious is transforming over the long term, and spiritual trials you may have endured over the last couple of years can be put to rest through 2015. It is important to believe in yourself and put energy into your hopes. From August 12 Jupiter heads into your zone of shared investments – so financial gains can come through collaboration. This is truly a magical year, so make the effort to dream and follow through and you should be able to manifest your desires.

Pisces Just prior to the start of the year, Saturn moved into your 10th house of goals, career and public profile, for the first time in 29 years, marking the start of a new long term cycle in this area. Saturn functions well in the 10th house, acting as a stabilising and building influence and throughout 2015 you can make steady progress towards your goals. Career changes and new life goal directions are on the cards over the next 2 and a half years. The new moon on March 20 at the very end of your sign provides energy for your intentions, so this is an excellent time for commencing new ventures. Lucky  Jupiter is gracing your 6th house of daily work, health and pets through until August, so the first half of the year is very good for additions and growth in these areas. From August 12 Jupiter enters your 7th house of partners and collaborations marking an expansive 12 month cycle where you can meet or commit to long term partners. This is reinforced by a solar eclipse in this same zone on 13 September – marking a new cycle of commitment with parters. This is not to say that every Pisces will be walking down the aisle in 2015 – with a Lunar eclipse in your 8th house of shared resources and intimacy in April, if a relationship is not working you likely consider whether there is a future in it at this time. The North Node of future destiny is also traversing this house through 2015, so it truly is a year of evolutionary growth for  sharing and deep relationship matters.   The September lunar eclipse impacts your self worth, resources and sharing sectors too, and with unpredictable Uranus in the picture, you will emerge into 2016 with a life that you could not have thought possible at the start of this year.

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