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January 5 Full Moon in Cancer: Transformation

The full moon for January takes place on Monday 5 January at 3.51pm in Sydney Australia.

The full moon is at 14 degrees and 30 minutes of Cancer:


Cancer is ruled by the moon, and a full moon in Cancer is powerful as the energy of the moon expresses itself easily as it is at home in the sign of the crab.

Keywords for the full moon in Cancer: Emotional functioning, feelings, emotional energy,  intuition, water – seas, rivers, lakes, nurturing, mothering, the stomach, the breasts, feminine archetypes, the Great Mother, night, rapid mood swings, family, home, emotional connection, our roots, family history, sentimental attachments, the past.

Watch particularly for the days around a full moon for the energies to play out. Also watch for echoes of this full moon to be around in the approach to next months full moon (in Leo and a little less edgy)

Check which parts of your chart Cancer, Capricorn, Aries and Libra inhabit. The areas of your life they represent will be the focus of the energies at this full moon. If you have chart points activated by the Sun and Moon, at say 10 – 18 degrees of Cancer or Capricorn OR at 10 – 18 degrees if Aries or Libra you should be strongly impacted by this full moon.

The standout features of this full moon are:

The Cancer full moon opposite a conjunction (blending ) of the Sun and Pluto. Pluto is a planet of transformation – the god of the underworld. This full moon has immense energy attached to it. When lit up, as in the case of the full moon, Pluto brings to the surface  the hidden – true feelings, ulterior motives, skeletons in the closet, secrets and themes of elimination. The purpose of Pluto energy is to  support us to make necessary life altering changes and this at times means that we must shed what is no longer necessary for our growth.

The full moon axis (including Pluto) is exactly square the nodes. The nodes are points of evolutionary growth. The energy at this time is one of being pushed to evolve. The nodes also symbolise meetings and fated events. As the landscape is emotionally edgy, this is probably not the ideal time to take stupid risks. Have a back up plan for any ventures you undertake.

Unpredictable planet Uranus is conjunct the south node (the past) and in square to Pluto. This reinforces that unexpected past issues (or this skeletons in the closet) are exposed at this time.

The full moon and Chiron are in close trine. Chiron is in Pisces. Chiron in harmonious aspect to the moon is like the salve to calm down the enormous emotional tension of this period. Chiron offers us the path to healing our past for the future, and also to healing and supporting others at this time. Connecting with others with deep universal love and forgiveness is the key to surfing this full moon.

2 comments on “January 5 Full Moon in Cancer: Transformation

  1. Lona
    January 5, 2015

    Beautiful. Awesome image at the end! Planting my winter/spring green seedlings today—love the Cancer archetype.

  2. Anonymous
    January 5, 2015

    Beautiful.Love the ending image! I am planting my winter/spring green seedlings today—love the Cancer Moon.

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