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January 20, 2015 New Moon in Aquarius:

The January 20 New Moon takes place not long after midnight on January 20. The new moon is an 0 degrees Aquarius. It is especially powerful because it is a “super moon” – that is closer to the earth than usual.


Aquarius symbolises innovation, humanitarian brotherhood, astrology,  technology, insight and the unusual. Aquarius is ruled by unpredictable Uranus which is in almost exact conjunction (blending) with the South Node. The South node represents past karma. Transformational Pluto is in square with the nodes.

There is immense fresh energy to be accessed in this moon cycle, but it also speaks to clearing of the past in order to embrace the new.

At this new moon Mercury and Venus are also in Aquarius and Mercury is about to go retrograde, travelling back through Aquarius until it almost touches the point of the new moon in mid February.

There is a pull between the new and closing off the past.

Rarely, there is also a second new moon right at the end of Aquarius in February.

This new moon opens up the portals of new energy, but we must deal with the past in order to embrace a radically different future.

One comment on “January 20, 2015 New Moon in Aquarius:

  1. Lona
    January 20, 2015


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