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4 February, 2015 Full Moon in Leo

On 4 February the full moon takes place at 14 degrees and 47 minutes of Leo at 10.07am in Sydney, Australia (or 3 February at 11.09pm Universal Time). Here is the chart for the full moon:


Leo is a fixed fire sign, the proud *king (or queen)* of the jungle, ruled by the Sun. This moon should feel big, because Jupiter is rather close to it. Jupiter is comfortable in Leo and expands everything it touches. This moon is fiery, creative and electric with energy.

Of course the Sun is in Aquarius opposite the moon. Mercury is also in Aquarius at 5 degrees, retrograde, so the expected effects of Mercury in Aquarius can apply in a big way at full moon time – watch for technological news and issues to be emphasised. Mercury goes direct on 12 February and will catch up to the degree of the full moon in early March which can trigger the energies of this time all over again.

Unpredictable Uranus is in close trine to the full moon signalling an exciting buzz in the landscape, unexpected events and sudden changes of course. Uranus is near the South Node: Reappearances from the past, unexpected past matters being brought to light, secrets revealed.

Pluto is building to the final of seven square with Uranus (which have been happening since 2012). This culminates in March. Revolution, fireworks, earthquakes and big challenges building up.  Because Jupiter is partying nearby the moon, this expands the potential for the energies to run away with themselves.

There are a number of planets in Pisces (Neptune, Venus and Mars), which deepen the purpose of the full moon, bringing opportunities for connection to the deep when we get under the surface. Chiron is in Pisces too, and in a quincunx – a kind of creative strain aspect – with the moon.

What is remarkable at this time is that Chiron in Sextile to Pluto in Capricorn forms a Yod with the full moon. The Yod is a geometrical configuration which looks like an isosceles triangle. The ancients called this configuration a “Finger of God”. Wherever the point of the triangle is, is a very important point to watch, as it will act as a release valve for the energies at play. It can be the focus of fated events.

In this case the energies of wounded healer Chiron and transformative Pluto call upon us to utilise the gifts of big hearted Leo  and have immense faith that we have a right to transform our lives. What we believe can manifest in a flash. Feb Yod

Wherever Leo falls in your chart is lit up like a beacon in the dark of the night, with the broader energies in the cosmos expressing themselves through this focal point. Where is 14 Leo in your chart?

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